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MyIDCare Review Review

Update: As of October 15, 2020, MyIDCare is now known as IDX Identity. Read More.

Identity theft protection starts on an individual level. Taking the time to review your financial statements and track credit scores are some of the most proactive steps you can take.

If you want to implement more extensive measures, you can freeze your credit files with the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion using Lifelock or similar companies.

If you want complete peace of mind, though, it may be worth your time to invest in identity monitoring with id protection.

These identity theft protection services will monitor your personal information and provide alerts in case of suspicious activity.

Customers that do experience a malicious hack like identity fraud can also receive the resources and assistance necessary to restore their identities (restoration services) and garner financial compensation for the damages.

With that said, MyIDCare is a service that offers some of the most rigorous protection against identity theft that you can find.

Table of Contents:

  • About MyIDCare
  • Services
  • Costs
  • Security
  • Pros
  • Cons

What is MyIDCare?

The company opened its doors in 2003 in Portland, Oregon with the intent of servicing many of the largest financial, retail, and governmental organizations in the United States.

Some of the companies that call themselves clients include NASA, CVS, the Mayo Clinic, and United Airlines.

The Better Business Bureau ( awarded MyIDCare an A+ accreditation.

People that sign up with identity theft protection companies like MyIDCare have the same level of service as the Fortune 500 behemoths.

It includes coverage for a bevy of digital platforms and nine different forms of theft:

  • Social Security Number
  • ​Child
  • Criminal
  • Employment
  • Synthetic
  • Medical
  • Driver’s License
  • Employment
  • Insurance

They also offer a 100 percent guarantee when it comes to recovering your identity should you be a victim of identity theft, especially with bank accounts and credit cards.

What Does MyIDCare Offer? has two plans: ESSENTIALS and PREMIER, with both offering an individual plan or family plan.

The ESSENTIALS plan is the more popular of the two and comes with single bureau monitoring at $8.46 for individuals and $16.96 for family plans.

The PREMIER variety has three forms of bureau credit monitoring starting at $16.96 for individuals and $33.96 for family plans.

Below are the features included in each package.

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  • Dark web cyber scan monitoring
  • $1 million identity theft insurance
  • 100 percent recovery guarantee of your money
  • Fully managed identity recovery services
  • Annual credit report
  • Lost wallet coverage
  • Unlimited advice from trained experts
  • A monthly recap of account activities
  • Scam alerts and protection advice
  • Password detection
  • Change of address monitoring
  • Court record monitoring
  • Payday loan monitoring
  • Social security fraud monitoring


  • Everything listed above +
  • Credit lock by TransUnion
  • Vantage Score 3.0 credit score
  • Instant inquiry alerts
  • SocialSentry Social Media Privacy and Fraud Protection
  • Inappropriate social content alerts
  • Social account takedowns
  • Social media fraud detection

One of the primary differences between the two plans is the additional protection for social media in the PREMIER package. Approximately 80 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile.

During the first half of the year, millions of those users had data breaches due to six significant breaches, which comprised 4.5 billion records, so the service from MyIDCare is fulfilling a real need in the market.

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The proliferation of social media popularity is what MyIDCare is leveraging for a higher price point. Social media contains some of our most sensitive data, which is why it is one of the most important platforms to protect.

Deciding between ESSENTIAL and PREMIER will largely depend on your social media habits.

What Are the Costs of MyIDCare?

MyIDCare offers pricing options for individuals and families.

The family option provides benefits for two adults and up to five minors under the age of 18. Minors on the plan receive coverage for CyberScan Dark Web Monitoring, identity recovery, and stolen funds reimbursement.

Individuals that opt for the MyIDCare ESSENTIALS plan pay $8.46 per month or $101.52 per year.

They can also select the MyIDCare PREMIER plan for $16.96 per month or $203.52 per year.

Families pay monthly fees of $16.96 and $33.96, which translates to $203.52 and $407.52, respectively.

(Rates are current as of 12/24/20)

Is MyIDCare Secure?

You can rest assured knowing that if MyIDCare is good enough for Fortune 500 companies, it is good enough for you, too.

The company prides itself on being the brainchild of “ID Experts,” who specialize in protecting corporations, customers, and governments alike.

No company can guarantee protection against every form of fraud, but MyIDCare stands as one of the most reliable options in the industry.

Currently, MyIDCare services several million users from healthcare to higher education

The company also has mostly positive reviews from independent reviewing organizations. For instance, they have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, as well as a solid A+ rating.

Pros of MyIDCare

Comprehensive Coverage

Many customers choose MyIDCare because of its thorough coverage when it comes to mitigating fraud. It includes monitoring services for your court records and loans in your name, as well as potential scam alerts. If you are a victim of fraud, MyIDCare will compensate you for up to $1 million in damages.

MyIDCare protects its customers on nine distinct levels. The protection includes medical, social security, criminal, financial, employment, driver’s license, insurance, and synthetic identity theft. There is also protection specifically for children.

Strong Reputation

MyIDCare backs up its offerings with high-level clients, such as Farm Bureau Insurance and Wellmark. The fact that multibillion-dollar corporations trust MyIDCare for their identity protection skills says something about the quality of their service.

We are not saying that you should choose them simply because Farm Bureau Insurance does, but it is a form of endorsement.

Recovery Guarantee

Identity theft can be a traumatic experience. Whether you experience a social media hack or social security fraud, your personal information becomes exposed and vulnerable. They covered the OPM (United States Office of Personnel Management) hack in 2015.

MyIDCare takes measures to completely recover your identity while reimbursing you for lost wages, legal fees, and more.

The company even has a 100 percent guarantee for restoring your identity to pre-theft status.

Cons of MyIDCare

Poor Mobile App

While MyIDCare does have a mobile app, customers have panned it for its performance. Many cite that they cannot look up information they need related to their identity protection while others find the interface cumbersome. In a world of instantaneous response and convenience, the mobile app appears to be lacking.

Assistance Is Not Around the Clock

While MyIDCare offers 24/7/365 monitoring services, the same luxury does not extend to their hotlines. If you have an identity protection issue, you should hope that it comes sometime between Monday and Friday within their 11-hour working window. Otherwise, you will have to wait overnight or over the week for help.

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