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What is BRCLYSBANKDE on My Credit Report?

Finding BRCLYSBANKDE on your credit report can lead to a lot of questions.

While it might look like a random jumble of letters,  BRCLYSBANKDE is actually Barclays Bank of Delaware.

It can show up on your report as a hard inquiry when you apply for a credit card or a loan from a popular bank.

Below, we’ll give you an overview of how hard inquiries work and provide you with resources to get the entry removed if you haven’t applied for funding with Barclays.

What Is Barclays Bank Delaware On My Credit Report?

Barclays is a major international bank with a large presence in the US.

Along with providing savings and CD accounts, Barclays offers personal loans by invitation in partnership with other companies.

The bank also partners with 25 companies to offer rewards credit cards across different industries, including entertainment, travel, and retail.

Some of Barclays’ credit card partners include:

  • American Airlines
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Carnival
  • Choice
  • Diamond Resorts
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Holland America Line
  • JetBlue
  • NFL
  • Priceline
  • Princess Cruises
  • RCI
  • Upromise
  • Wyndham

While you may not have applied for a financial product directly from Barclays, it can still appear on your report when you apply for a card from one of its partners.

How Long Is a Hard Credit Inquiry on Your Report?

A hard credit check stays on your report for two years.

Any time you apply for a credit card or a loan, you can expect a hard credit check.

This allows the lender to take a closer look at how you’ve used credit in the past and aids them in the approval process.

Your report can be obtained from one, two, or all three of the major credit bureaus, namely Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

A hard credit check can lower your score a few points, with multiple inquiries having a bigger impact.

This is different from a soft inquiry, which merely confirms your score and has no real effect on it.

Soft inquiries sometimes occur when you check your score, get pre-approved for loan/credit card offers, and get quotes.

How to Remove Barclays Bank Delaware from Your Credit Report

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get a hard credit check deleted from your credit report.

If you haven’t applied for a credit card or a personal loan and think Barclays might be on your report by mistake, here are a couple of ways to get them off.

Dispute the Hard Inquiry with Barclays and the Credit Bureaus

If you have a hard inquiry on your credit report for a credit card or loan you never applied for, it’s vital that you alert the credit bureaus.

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you get 30 days to dispute a hard credit inquiry from the time that it is added to your report.

To dispute the inquiry, you should mail a letter to Barclays informing them of the situation. You can also send a letter of dispute to the credit bureaus displaying the entry.

Disputing the entry should result in its deletion from your credit report.

Sometimes inaccurate reporting is the result of identity fraud. If someone has used your information to obtain a credit card, you should work quickly to address the situation.

To ensure that you don’t miss any changes to your credit, we recommend using a free credit monitoring platform like Credit Karma.

Signing up is quick, and using the app and website couldn’t be easier.

Monitor Your Credit Today

Get Help from a Credit Repair Company

Tackling inaccuracies on your credit report can be a headache.

If you would like assistance with improving your credit score, you should consider working with a credit repair company.

If you have more problems with your report than just an inquiry or two, you should absolutely hire a credit repair company.

They can dispute negative entries, confront debt collectors, and take all the necessary steps to improve your credit, whatever shape it might be in.

They’re experts at dealing with a long list of credit issues, such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Charge offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Liens

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Getting BRCLYSBANKDE of Your Report

You should be able to get Barclays off your report if they can’t prove you applied for a credit card or loan with them.

But even if you did apply for funding from Barclays, you don’t have to sweat it. Seeing your score drop, even by a few points, can be stressful; however, a single hard inquiry isn’t going to make or break your credit.

In fact, it won’t even be on your report two years from now.

If you’re looking for help improving your credit, consider working with one of our top credit repair companies.

And if you aren’t already, take a few moments to sign up for free credit monitoring to stay on top of new entries to your report.