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13 resources for post-grad employment

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Whether you’re about to graduate, are looking for a new opportunity, or the effects of COVID-19 have forced you back into the market, we know this is a busy period for job hunters everywhere. But once your CV is perfected and your LinkedIn page is ready for the world, where do you go from there? 

We’ve canvassed our network, and asked our global community of masters students (former and current) across the globe, to recommend their go-to places for finding a great role. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it will be helpful.

Wherever you are in the world, or whatever stage of career you’re at, we wish you the best of luck in your search. 

Resources from your school or university

Check out your school job board for listings based on your course type, or hiring companies already affiliated with your school. 

Use the alumni tab on your school’s LinkedIn page to find and connect with other alums, who perhaps might be able to offer advice or post about opportunities they hear of. You can also filter by location, position, and company.

Who is hiring in the US?

In the tech industry, large-scale layoffs have become a frequent occurrence in recent weeks, with the likes of Uber and TripAdvisor releasing volumes of staff. On the flip side, companies like Zoom have seen a spike in growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and are hiring to keep up with demand. If you’re interested in jobs in the tech industry, particularly in the US, then TechCrunch have compiled a list of which tech firms are still hiring.

In a similar vein, with a US focus but looking beyond the tech industry, Candor have created a great live dashboard of who is (and who isn’t) hiring right now.  They’ve even gone a step further with their Layoff Hiring List – if you’ve lost your job as a result of the pandemic, put yourself in this shop window. 

Not a live dashboard but a regularly updated list nonetheless, The Muse have put together a list of 97 companies hiring across a wide range of sectors. Many of these are in the US but also many are multinationals so there are vacancies beyond those borders. 

When a list of companies just isn’t enough, Forbes has gone the extra mile, giving people a leg-up by also listing advice from each hiring company on exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re an international student, working visas will be very much on your mind as part of this process. Whilst there’s no guarantee that all of these companies are hiring right now, has a list of companies who have sponsored US working visas before, and so are a good target to aim at. 

Jobs in Europe

Similar to Candor’s live dashboard above, Otta have curated a jobs board of live opportunities in the UK, with a heavy focus on London. 

This hasn’t been an easy time for anyone, and start-ups have felt the brunt. But they are perhaps well positioned to come out strongly on the other side. If you want to work in a start-up in the EU, then Sifted have scoured the continent and put together a specific list of companies with vacancies in each country

Looking in India?

If you’re an MS student who wants to pursue Data Science opportunities in India, then Analytics India Mag is keeping a live compilation of those opportunities. 

Other job sites across the globe 

We haven’t been able to find lists of specific companies still hiring, but if you are looking for work in Indonesia or across Latin America then the top recommended job search sites are:


Latin America:

Career training

Finally, if you want to use this time to get some coaching and take your skills (and career) to the next level, then the GlobalMe School trains people on how to build adventurous international careers in emerging industries. Founded by Nicolle Merrill who previously coached MBA students at Yale.