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Farm Fresh to You Review 2022:Is it genuine and trustworthy?

Farm Fresh to You Review2022:Is it genuine and trustworthy?

There is a growing demand for farm fresh produce delivery services in California. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to buy produce and organics directly from local farmers, and the convenience that comes with it.
Today I would like to share with you my subscription experience. Hopefully after reading my Farm Fresh To You review it helps you decide if this delivery service is right for you.
What is Farm Fresh to You?
Farm Fresh to You is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) based in California. This is a family run, USDA certified organic farm located in Northern California. Now the second generation running the farm, they continue to live up to their parents’ vision of looking good and tasting good. By subscribing to their service, you’ll stay up to date on what’s happening on the farm as well as fantastic resources like recipes, how to store your produce for longer life, and more.
In addition to fruit and vegetables, the subscription offers other grocery needs like meat, baked goods, artisan produce, pasture-raised eggs, and even flowers from other brands and farms.

What does the CSA box represent?
CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. Basically, a person buys and receives a “share” of food from the farm over a period of time. For example, you can buy a three-month subscription that will give you a box of fresh produce each week based on the ingredients you’re ready to pick that week. CSA enables farmers to ensure that some of the product they produce will have a buyer and helps support farmers as they go through a difficult year due to factors such as drought. CSA members can support our local food system while sharing the bounty on record harvests.

During the lockdown, I used the CSA service of local farmer Yasukochi Family Farms. CSA is a great way to develop healthier eating habits while supporting farmers in your local community! You’ll learn about the variety of different produce in the CSA box while getting delicious freshly picked fruits and vegetables!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining a CSA?
There are some disadvantages, but mostly the advantages. I love sending in fresh produce and trying to decide what to do with them.

Pros: Fresh, cheap, cancel anytime, try new products, convenience, support local farmers

Cons: Prep runs out quickly, season may not be your favorite, may sit outside if you’re not home

What does farm fresh to you offer you?
In addition to products, subscriptions offer other add-on products such as:

Meat/Seafood/Vegetarian Protein/Deli Meat


Artisan Olive Oil

Small Batch Honey / Local Honey

cheese/vegan cheese

Dairy/Yogurt/Nut Milk

fresh fruit juice

Baking needs (cake mix, sprinkles, sugar)


baked goods

Nutritious soups, wontons, ramen noodles, spinach pie and other prepared foods

Grains, Rice, Beans

Handmade products: soap, lotion

flowers and seeds

and more! You have to check it yourself.

How does a fresh farm work?

1. Choose Your Box – Whether you’re a fruit fanatic, veggie head, or love it all, you can choose (and change) the size and type of produce box that’s right for you.

2. Custom – Want to change what you deliver? no problem! Adding and changing items in our online Farm Stand is easy.

3. Add other produce to your delivery, such as unique artisan jams, pasture-raised eggs, dairy products, artisanal olive oil, small batch honey, “tin boxes” and more…

4. Including home delivery! Skip deliveries or change the frequency to fit your schedule or vacation. Isn’t it super fun to open the door to delicious takeout?

Reasons for “Farm Fresh to You
1. It is certified organic
I personally find going to the farmers market a bit tedious because I do try to buy certified organic products whenever possible, but it’s not always obvious. The reason is that these farms are very tightly regulated, which means the farming methods are sustainable for the environment. Some farms claim to be organic but cut corners all over the place, which I’m not interested in.

2. No commitment
Many CSAs require a committed season and a large down payment up front. Farm Fresh to You is a pay-per-month delivery service for fresh produce. Our box retails for $46, but there are multiple options between $26 and $110. Try it for a month, and if you like it, you can continue. You can also choose how often the boxes are delivered.

3. You can customize your box
You have the option to customize your box before the product is delivered. This is a huge selling point for me. If you are planning a recipe and need certain fruits and vegetables, you can have them delivered. If your kids are craving peaches and they’re in season, add some. You can also add other produce like olive oil and eggs.

4. You can always have fruits and vegetables on hand
A CSA box with healthy fruits and vegetables for kids’ snacks
I make frequent trips to the grocery store—an errand I’ve come to dislike—just to stock up on produce, and the fact that I can customize our CSA boxes will definitely reduce those trips and prevent our stock from running out. Because if there is no fruit around, my daughter will go for less healthy snacks.

5. You can stop the box during the holiday
If you are away or may not need delivery, please go online to stop your box. It’s that easy. We are about to travel so our subscription is on hold until school resumes. I can go online and restart it. I appreciate this level of customer service.

6. Not much difference in cost
Most of our fruits and vegetables are purchased at Sprouts grocery stores or at our local farmers market. My husband and I add up what we have in the box we farm fresh to you, otherwise it’s only a few dollars more. And, it came to our door. And, we support local farms by putting money into the community.

7. High quality organic products
A beautiful heirloom tomato in our Farm Fresh to You CSA box
I already told you we ate everything and the reason was it was good! I don’t always pick the highest quality fruits and veggies when they’re piled in the produce bin, so you may have to wait for things to ripen or occasionally things will be imperfect. Only one peach in our Farm Fresh to You box was imperfect, but everything else was.

farm fresh to you Review Summary
Overall, I love using Farm Fresh To You because it’s so convenient, it carries all my essentials, from organic produce to baked goods to beauty products. By subscribing, I can really cut down on my trips to the grocery store because they provide all the basic supplies I need.

Additionally, all products are farm fresh and organic. If you want healthier, farm-fresh produce and convenience, try a subscription! If you’re not sure if Farm Fresh To You is right for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time.