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Because Market Reviews 2023: Do These Incontinence Products Work?

Today more than 25 million people in the United States—including half of all women over the age of 50—suffer from urinary incontinence. Like hearing loss or erectile dysfunction, those who start to lose bladder control rarely feel comfortable talking about it. As a result, many people are not aware of all the incontinence products on the market, and to complicate matters further, the people who buy a diaper or pad are often not the people who use it, so the gap between what actually is and what is available is often huge.

In this article, we’ll review Because Market, a company working to make the incontinence journey easier. They offer an easy-to-navigate online marketplace where you can discreetly order (and re-order!) top-notch incontinence underwear, pads, and more for those who can’t always be in control.

Why is the incontinence market ripe for change?
One of the biggest problems plaguing the industry is marketing. “Adult diapers” conjure up an image of helpless dependence that many older adults find distasteful, even downright humiliating, delaying research and/or adoption until absolutely necessary.

Plus, the social taboo surrounding bedwetting and related issues makes many consumers uncomfortable buying these products in public, let alone talking about them with others. All in all, it can be said that traditional incontinence products were not designed with the dignity of the end user in mind.

Fortunately, this is rapidly changing with the emergence of new startups like Because Market, who are using advances in absorbent materials to raise the bar and increase access to higher quality products. The end result is a more modern, durable and self-contained incontinence garment that promotes an active, flexible and confident lifestyle.

For years, our loved ones have endured pain in silence and worse — staying home or living in seclusion — trying to cover up embarrassing leaks and accidents. Because Market’s new-age incontinence products promise to help them regain control of their lives. Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes the Because Market products unique and available on

Product choice
First, we should start with one of the most important things – their huge selection of products.

According to their website, Because Market was created with one goal: to support seniors with urinary incontinence and help them feel confident and comfortable.

Of course, the main way the company achieves this is by creating high-quality products. So, how did the Because Market product work?

In our opinion, they offer a wide range of products that can really meet the needs of any customer.

These items include women’s panties, women’s pads, men’s underwear and more. They also have skincare products like cleansers and lotions, and health products like vitamins and supplements.

Finally, they offer cannabis products for pain relief and relaxation. Overall, this unique line of products makes Because a one-stop shop for older online shoppers.

Frankly, there’s no denying that we think these products are top-notch. But if you need a little extra convincing, check out these customer reviews we found:

My dad has been using leading brands of underwear from Costco all night to no avail. Then I heard an ad on the radio and an offer for a free trial. I don’t recall hearing the ad before, and haven’t since. I ordered this and from day one my dad noticed a huge difference in performance, fit and comfort. Thanks because, because you solved his problem.

— Beth H., 5/5 stars, Haiya
My experience with Because Market products has been great. I love their Booster pads. They are the best I have ever used. They are thick and protect me well while I sleep. They are very comfortable and I will keep buying this product. I love their trash bags. I love how fresh the Remedy Essentials Cleansers No-Rinse Spray is and how well protected the booster pads are. I would recommend this company to anyone using any adult incontinence underwear for extra comfort, high absorbency, leak proof. Their panties come in all sizes. Excellent customer service.

— Char A., ​​5/5 stars, Haiya
We found that, on the whole, because the market customers seem to be very satisfied with the company’s products. The quality and effectiveness of these items has consistently been one of the top praises from Because consumers in the reviews we found.

The cost of these products is as important as the quality. Items such as underwear and pads are daily necessities for many seniors. Therefore, these costs tend to increase.

Because Market set out to solve this problem by creating products that are both premium and affordable, which is the ultimate goal of most modern companies. So, did they actually achieve that goal?

In general, we have to say yes. Because market products are relatively cheap compared to their competitors.

One of the things that makes Because Market so affordable is the subscription service they offer. After subscribing, you will enjoy a considerable discount.

We tested this ourselves with their Premium Maximum Plus women’s underwear, which usually costs $31.62 for a pack of 20. However, when you subscribe to the monthly subscription, they all cost just $26.80.

Of course, there are other benefits to this subscription service — specifically, you don’t have to worry about restocking for yourself or your loved ones. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the door where your next order arrives. In this sense, subscription services are due to a very convenient and beneficial feature of the marketplace. Not to mention, these products are not items you want to run out of accidentally.

Overall, it’s safe to say because Marketplace is an affordable and reasonably priced company. Also, when you consider the quality and convenience of their products, we’d say this brand is totally worth the money.

Shipping and handling
Ordering any type of product through a subscription service is a very convenient way to save time. But that convenience goes away if shipping for that product is unreliable.

If your packages are regularly arriving days or weeks late, there’s really no point in subscribing, right?

Well, that’s why we felt the need to take a closer look at Because Market’s shipping practices.

For the most part, we’ve found that their shipping tends to be fast and reliable.

Shipping usually takes three to seven business days, according to their website. If you subscribe to their monthly service, you’ll be signed up for Autoship. In other words, your products will automatically ship around the same time each month. This way, your products should arrive on time every month.

This feature is great for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about restocking incontinence products every month.

But if the thought of auto-shipping rattles your inner control freak, because Market has given you three days’ notice before they ship your product. If you decide you don’t need it for the month, you can simply cancel the shipment.

what about shipping
Well, there’s a small shipping fee on your first trial order—just $2.99. After that, any order over $15 will get free shipping. In our opinion, this is a very good deal. Chances are your order will be over the $15 mark, so medium-sized orders are all but guaranteed free shipping.


Because Market Lingerie Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
Because Market underwear reviews will reveal what customers really think about brands. Overall, customers of the brand are satisfied with:

High-quality product range
Ability to personalize subscriptions
Fast delivery
Because Marketplace Reviews on the brand’s website has over 10,000 5-star reviews. Unfortunately, this Because Market underwear review found it difficult to find customer reviews from other sources that matched these numbers.

However, the Better Business Bureau gave the brand a B grade with an average rating of 3.39/5 stars based on 124 reviews. One reviewer loves the product’s effectiveness and customer service:

“I love the different sizes and styles, especially the pressed powder and disposable wipes. The service is great. I’ve never been disappointed with this company and their products.”

A review site, Highya has an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars for the brand from 58 customer reviews. Additionally, 86% of all reviewers would recommend the brand. One review was particularly pleased with Because Underwear for Men (Overnight+) saying:
“Excellent customer service. Great product. Never had any issues. Always receive my deliveries on time each month. Been a customer for over two years. Would recommend this company.”

Another positive review on the Because Market site mirrors what thousands of customers say about the brand, saying it far outperforms other incontinence brands:

“I’ve tried a lot of different incontinence products and these panties are the best I’ve found. Super absorbent! I’ve never had any leaks (unlike others). I never want to change.”

On the other hand, negative customer reviews mostly stem from the complexity of unsubscribing. Some customers said they canceled their subscriptions only to find out that the brand was still billing them.

All in all, the positives outweigh any issues customers have with Because Market.

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