Onpay: 2022 best Payroll Provider

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What is OnPay?


OnPay is a neat option for any small businesses looking for a more streamlined approach to office administration tasks. The cloud-based software lets users amalgamate several chores into one workflow, with the focus primarily on payroll. However, OnPay can also be called upon to help you handle tax-related issues, HR duties and other miscellaneous office tasks too.



OnPay Features

For our OnPay review, we tested all its features to highlight the strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dive in and see if OnPay is the right option for you. 

OnPay Payroll Services

OnPay lets you complete your payouts in four simple steps. You start by using the tags and data fields to filter and select employees. 

Then, you enter working hours manually or import CSV files through the OnPay time tracking integrations. Afterward, you click ‘Review Payroll’ to double-check wages, deductions, and withholdings before approving. Once approved, you’ll see a summary of the deposit dates and tax totals. 

OnPay will immediately sync journal entries to your accounting software. The service offers unlimited payroll. Even after clicking approved, you can cancel any runs if the funds haven’t been taken out yet. 

Special OnPay Salary

One feature we’d like to highlight in this OnPay review is the ability to run special payrolls. The software lets you give year-end bonuses without disrupting your regular pay-cycle

You can edit the schedule, dates, salary type, and hours entered for off-cycle payments. Other customization options include making direct deposits, issuing paper checks, or excluding deductions from each payroll.

Payroll Calculators

The OnPay calculator ensures that critical computations like taxes, bonuses, and retirement deductions are accurate. With this, you can automatically calculate:

  • Final Pay: Run an off-cycle paycheck for every resignation and quickly meet federal and withholding tax requirements.
  • Gross-up: Determine a specific amount you pay an employee after taxes are withheld.
  • PPF Loan Forgiveness: Calculate how much of your Paycheck Protection Program Loan will be forgiven.
  • Aggregate or Flat Bonus Pay: Find the correct amount of federal and state withholding tax for every bonus you give.
  • Tip Tax: Calculate the withholding tax and net pay for every employee’s tip.
  • 401 (k) Retirement: Estimate retirement deductions for every employee.

Moreover, you can use the OnPay tax calculator to figure out tax rates for every state. This feature is convenient for franchising businesses whose workers are stationed across the US.

Tax Filing

One of the best OnPay benefits is the Tax Accuracy Guarantee policy. If the service makes any errors while handling your tax filings and payments, it will work with tax agencies on your behalf and pay any penalties incurred. All you have to do is to provide accurate information about your company and employees.


OnPay comes with 20+ pre-built, customizable reports. The report designer lets you comprehensively edit the payroll listing and earning summary. 

You can add more than 50 data points, use filters, adjust the dates, and organize the columns. Plus, you can break down your expenses into categories such as location, department, position, and custom pay types.

All reports can be downloaded as PDF, CSV, or Excel files. 

OnPay HR 

Unlike most other OnPay reviews, we want to highlight the software’s unique HR capabilities. OnPay lets you send letters using its pre-made templates, including job details and salary rates.

Another E-HRM function lets you add a self-onboarding packet to the letters. You can insert customized forms with drop-down menus. With these, the newly hired worker can fill out necessary papers and upload documents on their own. Existing employees can also set up an account to download tax forms and invoices.

PTO Management

Most OnPay payroll reviews mention the self-onboarding feature but don’t explain how useful it is. With the employee self-service function, you can file your paid time directly on the portal. The service sends a notification of every payout and shows your PTO request status. HR personnel can approve, dismiss, or comment using the same platform.

To use this feature, you have to set up the Time Off Policy and assign it to every employee.

1099 Contractors

Classifying your workers as an employee or contractor is essential as the two have different paperwork. With OnPay, you can easily separate the two from the start.

Similar to how you invite employees, OnPay lets you add independent contractors. They are able to set up their accounts and upload documents. Once set up, you can include them in your regular payroll or create a special pay run.

Many other OnPay payroll reviews agree that this feature can save you a lot of time.

OnPay for Accountants

OnPay is built for business owners but also kept accountants and bookkeepers in mind. Aside from the features we’ve already mentioned, OnPay provides its users with a centralized partner dashboard. Everybody with access can see upcoming payment dates and a list of required actions.

Thanks to its multi-levels of permissions, you or your client can run payroll anytime. The OnPay QuickBooks integration and other third-party accounting apps let you streamline your workflow with ease.

401 (k) and Employee Benefits

OnPay makes it easy to provide benefits to your employees. It collaborated with trusted insurance brokers and can seamlessly sync your data.

You can speak with the in-house licensed agents to find the best plan. They can also handle the paperwork for you. With OnPay, you can offer health insurance, retirement plan, and pay-as-you-go workers’ comp benefits.

  • Reports: Yes, customizable
  • Tax Filing: Yes, tax accuracy guarantee
  • Payroll Run: Unlimited
  • Integrations: 14+ software
  • Employee Portal: Yes
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Payroll Calculators: Yes, federal and state



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SME owners and accountants

  • Automated tax filing
  • Custom payroll reports
  • Great customer support
  • Employee self-service portal

OnPay Review

OnPay is perfect for smaller companies (500 employees or less) who want a simple and straight-forward payroll process, plus help with HR. Onpay customers love the customer service and the transparent pricing – it’s one monthly fee for everything. They offer benefits management in all 50 states including medical, dental, vision, and 401k retirement plans. 

OnPay Stats

  • 98% of their clients recommend them
  • Benefits and HR in all 50 states of the US
  • Processes over $2 Billion in payroll annual



Base Fee


Per Employee



Ease of Use

OnPay has a simple and visually intuitive interface. The main features are visible on the left panel, which can be expanded and pinned. It’s easy to make changes or verify information as it lets you switch between tabs.

OnPay is only available within the US. At the time of writing this OnPay review, you can only access the service outside the US when using a VPN. While this is a security feature, it can complicate the user experience if you have a global workforce.

The lack of a dedicated mobile app is another significant drawback.

OnPay Pricing

As most OnPay payroll reviews have pointed out, OnPay’s pricing is mid-range. It has an affordable base rate, making it perfect for small companies. Yet, the overall cost can quickly add up if you have a large workforce.

  • Base Fee: $36/month
  • Per Employee: $4/month

You are only charged for the workers who are paid during that month. Because the OnPay cost isn’t separated into tiers, you’ll enjoy all features regardless of how many employees you have. OnPay comes with a one-month free trial for you to test the waters.

OnPay Review – Verdict 

We have to agree with most other OnPay reviewsthis affordable payroll software comes with some fantastic features. Add its user-friendly interface, excellent support, and tax accuracy guarantee in the equation, and you’d qualify OnPay to be among the best.