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How to Cancel Your Progressive Policy in 5 Easy Steps

Whether your state requires car insurance or not, it makes sense to have financial protection in place in case of a car accident. Car insurance premiums can be high, but the typical cost of having to pay for damages or medical bills because of a car accident could be much higher.

However, it also makes sense to look for lower rates on car insurance policies every now and then to make sure you’re saving money and getting the coverage you need.

If you’re ready to switch auto insurance providers, here are step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your Progressive auto insurance policy, as well as important tips to keep in mind when looking for new insurance.

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Progressive’s cancellation policy

Progressive doesn’t typically allow you to cancel your auto policy online, which means you have to contact Progressive on the phone and speak to a customer service agent. This can be less than ideal if you don’t enjoy getting into discussions about canceling a service over the phone, but the process is often quick and straightforward.

Although many people choose to switch to a new insurance company at their renewal date, you’re typically able to cancel your Progressive policy at any time. Keep in mind that you might incur cancellation fees depending on the state you live in and your specific policy details. But in many cases, you might not have any cancellation fees and you’ll receive a refund for any unused portion of your policy.

How to cancel your Progressive insurance policy

These steps will take you through the process of canceling your Progressive car insurance policy, whether you’re trying to switch policies or get a better deal on your current policy.

1. Think about why you’re canceling

Do you want to cancel your Progressive policy because you don’t like the service you’ve received or are you looking for a better deal with a different insurer? If you haven’t had the best experience with Progressive, it likely makes sense to switch companies. However, it could be worth a shot to talk through your issues with Progressive first to see whether it can do anything to help the situation.

If you simply want a better deal on your auto insurance premium, it’s often a good idea to do some research on competitor policies and prices before calling Progressive to cancel. This could give you the information you need to negotiate a lower price with Progressive and not have to switch auto insurance companies at all. Or Progressive may suggest a different policy that you’re happier with, so it could be a win-win.

2. Check your policy terms

Looking over your current Progressive policy will help you find important details that can help during the cancellation process. Specifically, you want to find out when your coverage is set to expire, if there are any cancellation fees, and what kind of coverage you have.

It’s often best to cancel and switch car insurance policies when you’re about to reach the end of your current coverage. This is because you’re more likely to avoid an early cancellation fee if there is one and you might be notified of how much your upcoming insurance premiums will cost. Having this information can help you comparison shop more effectively.

In addition, knowing the exact coverage you have can help as you’re researching prices from other car insurance companies. You don’t necessarily want to downgrade your coverage amounts unless you feel you don’t need them. So having this information on hand can help you get accurate estimates for policies that match the amount of coverage you currently have.

3. Gather important information

You need certain information on hand when canceling your Progressive policy, so it’s best to gather and organize this information before calling in. This could include personal information, such as your name, address, and phone number, as well as your Progressive policy number.

You’ll also need to know the date you want your policy to end. This is important because you don’t want a lapse in your car insurance coverage if you’re still planning on owning and driving the same vehicle. A lapse in coverage would mean you don’t have any car insurance on your vehicle, which is illegal in most states and may carry the consequences of a suspension or a fine. It could also increase your insurance rate because you could be seen as more of a risk to insurance providers.

If you’re switching car insurance policies, it often makes sense to leave a day or two where both policies (your current policy and the policy you’re switching to) overlap. This helps ensure you don’t have a lapse in coverage on your driving record.

4. Research other car insurance quotes

If you want to negotiate a better deal with Progressive, it’s smart to have lower insurance quotes from other companies on hand before you call in. This will give the Progressive agent you talk to the incentive to match what you found or offer a better deal. If you’re for sure canceling your Progressive policy, you should already have another policy set up with your new insurer before you cancel with Progressive.

Whichever path you decide, researching the best car insurance companies is the first step to take. This is typically accomplished in one of three ways: checking each individual insurance company website, talking with insurance agents, or using an auto insurance comparison site.

Although any of these strategies can work, using an auto insurance comparison site is often the most helpful and efficient strategy. You typically fill out some information and then you get to compare most, if not all, the available insurance policies in your area at the same time. This often includes options from the most popular insurance companies.

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5. Call Progressive to cancel

Call Progressive at 1-866-416-2003 to cancel your insurance policy or negotiate a better rate on your current policy. Whichever stance you’re taking, remember to be firm, but polite. It’s likely part of the agent’s job responsibilities to try to convince you to stay, which is where you leverage the information you gathered while researching competitor quotes.

But if you’re set on canceling, politely let the agent know that’s the case. At this point you should have already signed up with a new insurance provider, so now you just have to set an end date for this policy and get it officially canceled. You’ll likely receive information about the cancellation in the mail and your email.

If you have bundled policies with Progressive…

If you have multiple insurance policies with Progressive, which could include a home and car insurance bundle, canceling the auto insurance policy part of the bundle could have one major consequence — you’ll likely lose any applicable multi-policy discount you may have had.

For example, if you’re bundling renters or homeowners insurance with a car insurance policy and you cancel your car insurance, you’re likely to see the rates on your home insurance go up. This is something to keep in mind when switching car insurance policies because getting better rates on one policy may not make up for the potential loss of a multi-policy discount.

How to be smart about switching car insurance

Here are a few tips to consider when learning how to switch car insurance:

  • Use an auto-comparison website. These tools typically take only a few minutes to provide available insurance quotes in your area. This makes it quick and easy to compare different policies all in one place.
  • Compare equal coverages. Remember to compare like for like when researching other insurance policies. If you want to get accurate pricing, look for policy quotes that offer the same types of car insurance coverage you currently have and the same car insurance deductible too.
  • Avoid a lapse in coverage. When you’re ready to switch, keep a day or two of overlapping coverage between your old policy and your new policy. This will ensure you aren’t driving without insurance.
  • Check for cancellation fees. Take a few minutes to check your policy’s terms when it comes to canceling coverage. You may not incur any fees, but checking can help you understand your policy and avoid potential charges when you want to switch providers.
  • Get a refund when you cancel. If you’ve paid your current insurance policy’s premiums in advance, you could be eligible for a refund if you cancel. Talk with your insurance provider to learn how the refund works and when you should receive it after canceling.
  • Consider multi-policy discounts. Canceling an insurance policy that’s part of a bundle could forfeit your multi-policy discount. Consider the amount you’re saving with the discount before canceling and switching insurance providers.


Can I cancel Progressive Insurance at any time?

Yes, you can typically cancel your Progressive Insurance policy at any time. Be sure to check your policy terms to see whether you might incur any cancellation fees or if you’re due to receive a refund for premiums you’ve already paid for. Keep in mind that most states require a minimum amount of car insurance coverage, so it’s best to have another car insurance policy set up so you don’t have a lapse in coverage.

How long does it take Progressive to refund money?

It could take a few weeks for Progressive to refund your money once the cancellation process is complete. The money could be sent as a mailed check, which may delay the process. However, in some cases, Progressive could also refund your money in other ways, such as crediting the credit card you used to make your premium payments. In these instances, you might get your refund in as little as a day or two.

Does Progressive charge a cancellation fee?

Progressive doesn’t typically charge cancellation fees to its policyholders and it may offer you a refund if you cancel your policy before its expiration date. But this isn’t always the case. Check your specific policy details to see whether you might be subject to a cancellation fee because of the state you live in, for canceling too early, or another condition outlined in your policy.

Bottom line

Canceling your Progressive policy doesn’t have to be a hassle, and in most cases, the process is quick and straightforward. But following the outlined steps above can still smooth out the transition and give you a better idea of what to expect.

And if you’re looking to switch policies because you want to save money on car insurance, it makes sense to prepare yourself ahead of time before you cancel. Remember that having car insurance is important and typically required by law, but getting a good deal on your coverage makes sense too.

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