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Gabi Insurance Review [2021]: Easy, Fast, and Full of Savings

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Insurance is an unfortunate but valuable necessity if you own a home or vehicle. It’s also a good idea to get if you’re a renter. However, shopping for insurance can sometimes be as painful as paying the premiums.

I recently went looking to save money on my car insurance, given that my rates had gone up every year for the past three years. I shopped the old-fashioned way: going from provider to provider, inputting my current insurance information over and over, then comparing coverage and prices from screen to screen. It was tedious at best.

I wish I had known about Gabi before I started my search. Gabi isn’t an insurance provider; it’s a broker with licenses to sell insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and it primarily deals with auto policies. Had I used Gabi, I could have input my information just once and recieved quotes from their network of over 40 insurance providers.

If that sounds good to you too, this Gabi insurance review will give you a look at what Gabi has to offer and how you can save time and money the next time you shop for the best car insurance (and maybe coverage for some other assets you have too).

In this article

  • What is Gabi insurance?
  • How does Gabi work?
  • What insurance does Gabi offer?
  • How to maximize your savings with Gabi insurance
  • Common questions about Gabi insurance
  • How to sign up for Gabi Insurance
  • Bottom line

What is Gabi insurance?

Gabi is an insurance brokerage firm, which means it works with insurance partners to sell vehicle, home, and rental policies to consumers like you and me. Gabi makes a commission off the policies it sells, so there is no charge to you for their services. And because Gabi works with over 40 insurance providers, it can show you options you may not have known to research and that could be much lower-priced than you might expect.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Gabi launched in 2016 and aims to disrupt the insurance-buying market by combining technology, data, and person-to-person service in an easily accessible manner for the average consumer. They developed a proprietary price-quote process that works off information from your existing policies to find pricing for the same amount of coverage with other insurers. Opportunities to bundle and save more are also presented, and most car insurance quotes are delivered to you in fewer than two minutes.

If you are already paying the best rate for your policy, Gabi will let you know. But Gabi claims it’s able to save customers an average of $961 per year with comparable insurance policies, and it will always recommend the cheapest match as identified by its price-quote technology.

The company claims to operate on a customer-first business model and aims to build lifelong relationships, not one-off sales. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has earned a B+rating. 

How does Gabi work?

Using Gabi is pretty simple. You create an account and then start an auto policy comparison. There isn’t an option to choose home or rental insurance directly from the main menu. You have to start with an auto policy comparison.

If you don’t currently have an auto insurance policy, you can start a policy comparison and then click the “I Don’t Have Insurance” button. This will open a new screen on which you’ll be prompted to provide information to start a new quote. Check out the specifics of how to do this in the “How to sign up for Gabi Insurance” section of this article.

If you do currently have an auto policy, select your insurer from the Gabi dropdown menu, then provide information, such as your name, birthdate, address, etc. You’ll get to a screen that asks you to connect your online insurance account or upload policy documents.

Once that information is analyzed, Gabi will show a summary of your current policy coverage and premiums, as well as a list of competitive quotes. You can find more detail about this process in the “How to sign up for Gabi Insurance” section of this article.

In my case, I found one policy less expensive than the one I had just started with Allstate. If I opened a new policy with Travelers Insurance, I could save $208 a year. The coverage options that Gabi shows you will all be actual policies you can purchase through the website, though your payments will be processed on the insurance provider’s site.

Best yet, because Gabi is an insurance broker, it doesn’t generate leads that are sent to providers who then pester you with calls and emails about buying a policy. I think we’ve all probably had that happen to us. Instead, as a broker, Gabi facilitates the actual purchase of your new policy, a feature that most insurance comparison sites can’t and don’t provide. In that sense, they are just like going to a human broker at your local insurance agency who helps you find the best policy for your needs but doesn’t bug you about picking a particular one.

What insurance does Gabi offer?

Auto insurance is the main go-to when using the Gabi site. However, it claims to offer home, renters, condo, landlord, and umbrella policies, as well as coverage for RVs and motorcycles. You will have to speak directly with a Gabi representative about those policies, as opposed to purchasing them through the website.

Although Gabi provides a large number of policy types to add to your account, it’s not clear whether it can offer you policy options for each, as it specifies only that it can connect customers with car, condo, landlord, motorcycle, umbrella, home insurance, and renters insurance.

How to maximize your savings with Gabi insurance

Although the savings you can find just by comparing insurance policies through Gabi may be pretty substantial, there are some other things you can do to get an even better rate on your car insurance.

Bundle multiple types of insurance

Many insurers offer discounts for taking out multiple policies. Gabi offers you the option of bundling coverage for auto, home, rental, and other vehicles. When you’re comparing policies, it doesn’t hurt to add in information about all your insurance needs so you can see whether Gabi can help you bundle and save.

Look for discounts available through the insurer

Insurers give all kinds of discounts that may not show up on a site like Gabi. These can include being an alumnus of a certain school, being a member or former member of the military, signing up for auto-pay, or even having extra safety features in your car. You can use your Gabi rate to narrow down providers, and then contact the insurer directly to see if they have additional discounts to help you save money on car insurance.

Go for a higher deductible or less coverage

It’s always a risk to choose a higher deductible in return for a lower premium. If you get into a major accident or need to file a claim, you’ll be out a much larger amount of money than if you’d stuck with the minimum deductible option. It’s up to you to decide whether the risk is worth the savings reward. Also be aware that if you have a loan on your automobile, you’ll need to maintain the insurance required by your financial institution.

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Compare with Gabi when you’re close to renewing your policy

Shopping around for rates when your insurance renewal date is coming up is something everyone should do. Insurance rates go up and down all the time, but it’s when you’re at the end of your policy that you can typically cancel without an extra fee (something I learned the hard way). If you put a note on your calendar to shop for new rates a month before your policy renews, you might find some savings that make switching insurers worthwhile.

Refer a friend

Gabi rewards customer loyalty with $25 Amazon gift cards for referrals. As a Gabi customer, you’ll get a unique link to share with your friends and family. If anyone uses that link to create an account, gets a quote for cheaper policies, and provides a driver’s license number, you’ll get a gift card (some restrictions apply).

Common questions about Gabi insurance

Is Gabi insurance legit?

Yes, Gabi is a legitimate insurance broker with licenses in all 50 states. Its main purpose is to sell insurance policies on behalf of a network of dozens of companies it works with. This allows Gabi to provide a listing of different policies for users to choose from. Gabi has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and currently holds a B+ rating.

Who owns Gabi insurance?

Hanno Fichter is the founder and CEO of Gabi insurance. He is also listed as the owner of the company on the Better Business Bureau website.

How much does Gabi cost?

Gabi is free to use. It makes a point to guarantee that users will not pay any kind of fee for its services.

How does Gabi insurance make money?

Because Gabi is an insurance broker, it makes a commission for every policy it sells. This commision is paid to Gabi by the insurance companies it works with. Gabi doesn’t charge customers for its services and it doesn’t process payments of any kind. Payment information that is collected is sent to the insurance company you’ve chosen to start a policy with, and payment transactions are conducted through that insurance company.

What insurance companies does Gabi work with?

Gabi doesn’t provide a full list of insurance companies it works with. In our testing of the site, we found policy options from Travelers, Geico, Nationwide, Safeco, Clearcover, Allstate, Kemper, Hippo, Berkshire Hathaway, Lemonade, Foremost Insurance Group, Nation General, and Universal Property, but Gabi’s options may not be limited to that list.

How to sign up for Gabi Insurance

Go to and click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the screen. The prompts that follow will ask you about your current auto insurance provider. If you have a policy, select the company from the dropdown list. If you don’t, click “I Don’t Have Insurance.”

You’ll then be asked to provide personal information, such as your name, address, date of birth, phone number, etc. If you have an auto policy, you’ll be asked about the make, model, year, and other details about your vehicle and driving record. You may also be prompted to connect your online insurance account to Gabi or add an existing home policy to your quote. Once all the questions are answered, you’ll get a list of insurance quotes, with the least expensive policy at the top.

If you’re shopping for a new auto policy because you’re also buying a car (as in, you don’t have coverage currently), you’ll be asked to provide some more information before you get a list of provider options. This may include the type of coverage you’re looking for, your gender, and your age when you got your license, as well as your education level, job, vehicle basics, and more. Based on the information you give, you’ll get a list of options for a new policy.

From there, if you’d like to get a quote for a bundled policy and you weren’t already prompted about it, you can click “Add Another Policy” in the upper right corner. At that point, you’ll be able to upload documents or provide your account access information for your existing insurance policy so Gabi can see what you’re covered for and how much your premiums are. After the algorithm takes in all this information, it will provide you with updated quotes.

When you’re ready to sign up for a new policy, click on “Select,” and you’ll be prompted for additional information to confirm the quote. From there, you provide your payment information and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Your payment will then be processed by the insurance provider, not Gabi itself.

Bottom line

There seem to be some limitations to what Gabi can do for you in that it primarily focuses on auto coverage, major-carrier policies, and providing competitive pricing options for your existing insurance policies, while downplaying starting new policies. For example, I wasn’t able to get quotes for my homeowners insurance because it’s with a carrier Gabi doesn’t have in their network. I also didn’t come across an option to shop for a new home policy. But for the basics of getting car coverage information, this would be my go-to choice.

Gabi is a service you can trust to provide you with information about competing rates for comparable insurance coverage. It’s quick, easy, secure, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of shopping for rates.

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Gabi Benefits

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  • Compare rates from over 40 insurers
  • Get started in less than 5 minutes
  • Free and easy quotes

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