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What is CB/Vicscrt On My Credit Report

Curious about an entry from Cb/Vicscrt on your credit report? We have answers.

Cb/Vicscrt is short for Comenity Bank/Victoria’s Secret.

The entry is most likely on your report as a hard inquiry, which happens when you apply for a retail credit card.

If you never applied for a credit card from Victoria’s Secret, you should be able to get the inquiry deleted from your report.

Cb/Vicscrt On My Credit Report

Comenity Bank is one of the nation’s leading producers of branded retail credit cards, with over 145 cards on offer.

Victoria’s Secret is one of its partners, with a rewarding store credit card for its shoppers.

The card comes with perks like:

  • Signup bonus
  • Exclusive rewards
  • Birthday gift
  • Free shipping when you spend $50+

While applying for a store credit card only takes a couple minutes, it can result in an inquiry that stays on your report for a couple of years.

If you are overwhelmed by dealing with negative entries on your credit report,
we suggest you ask a professional credit repair company for help.

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How Does a Hard Inquiry Affect Your Credit Report?

Hard inquiries affect your credit differently than soft inquiries do.

Soft Inquiry

A soft inquiry or credit pull occurs when you take a look at your score online using a credit monitoring app, or when prospective lenders check your score to pre-approve you for certain loans or card offers.

It won’t impact your score in any way.

Hard Inquiry

A hard inquiry, on the other hand, is more extensive. It allows lenders to gain access to your full credit reports from one or more of the credit bureaus.

They use this info to determine how responsible of a borrower you are, looking beyond your overall score to various factors on your report like your payment history.

You might consent to a hard inquiry when you apply for a mortgage, loan, new job, rental home, or in this case, a retail credit card.

Hard credit checks stay on your report for a total of two years, and they can have a small impact on your score.

The good news: a hard inquiry here and there should only drop your score by a few points, making it far less detrimental than other types of entries.

However, if you’re constantly applying for new lines of credit and your report features a slew of hard inquiries, it can signify to potential lenders that you aren’t financially stable.

Consequently, multiple entries can impact your credit score and approval odds for future funding more severely.

How to Get Cb/Vicscrt off Your Credit Report

While a hard inquiry is nothing to worry about in most cases, it should raise some red flags if you didn’t apply for a credit card or loan.

In that case, you take the necessary steps to get the hard inquiry deleted from your credit report.

If the hard inquiry on your report is the result of a credit card application and you consented to it, there’s not much you can do about it.

The entry is legit, and even though it’s unpleasant to see your score drop, the effects of a hard pull are minimal.

That being said, you should never ignore a fraudulent entry on your report as it could be a sign of:

  • Identity theft
  • Reporting error

If you didn’t apply for a card, here are two ways to go about getting Comenity’s inquiry removed.

Dispute the Hard Inquiry with the Credit Bureaus and Comenity

Want to get to the bottom of a mysterious inquiry on your credit report?

Go to the source. A good place to start is to reach out to the card issuer to inquire about the entry and dispute it.

You should also contact the credit bureaus whose reports are featuring the inquiry.

Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to have inaccurate entries removed from your report.

All you need to do is file a dispute with the bureaus. You can do this by mailing a letter (which we recommend), giving them a call, or submitting an online dispute.

If it’s obvious that the inquiry is illegitimate, then the bureaus should remove it promptly.

Don’t want to miss any new entries on your credit report? You should consider signing up for credit monitoring.

There are several reputable credit monitoring services, both free and subscription-based, that allow you to check your credit scores regularly.

These apps will notify you of any changes to your report, like new hard inquiries, and give you strategies for boosting your score.

You can also see your full credit reports at, which gives you a free yearly copy.

Hire a Credit Repair Company

Don’t want to dispute hard inquiries yourself?

Whether you’re anxious just thinking about calling the credit bureaus to dispute a hard inquiry or you simply don’t have the time, you might want to leave it to the pros.

Credit repair companies specialize in disputing inaccuracies on consumer credit reports, getting fraudulent entries deleted quickly.

They can also help out with bigger problems, getting to the bottom of what’s bringing your score down.

In most cases, a hard inquiry isn’t the most damaging item on your credit report.

Credit repair specialists can help you recover from more serious credit problems, like:

  • Bad payment history
  • Bankruptcy
  • Charge offs
  • Debt in collections
  • Foreclosure
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Repossessions

One of the best credit repair companies can help you get your credit back on track, opening you up to a world of financial possibilities.

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Getting Cb/Vicscrt off Your Credit Report

To recap, you should absolutely dispute a hard inquiry on your credit report if you didn’t submit any applications that would warrant a credit check.

If you did apply for a Victoria’s Secret Card from Comenity, there’s no need for you to worry about the subsequent entry on your report.

While it isn’t fun to see your score drop for any reason, hard inquiries are a requirement for getting approved for new credit.

Instead of worrying about a minor entry that will only be on your report for two years, focus your efforts on using credit responsibly in the future, keeping all your payments up to date, and not using too much of your available credit.

To lower the impact of hard inquiries in the future, you can:

  • Limit applications for mortgages and other loans to a 14-day period.
  • Only apply for cards or loans you’re likely to get approved for.