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Kubera Review [2021]: Can You Really Track All Your Assets in One Place?

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One of the most important aspects of effectively managing your finances is tracking your net worth. Knowing where your money is and how it’s working on your behalf can help you get a full view of your situation and make better decisions in the future.

However, finding a good program to help you track all of your assets — including alternative investments such as cryptocurrency — can be difficult. This is where Kubera comes in. Kubera is designed to help you keep tabs on all of your assets so you can get a picture of your net worth in one place.

Here’s what you need to know about Kubera so you can decide if it’s right for your situation.

Quick Summary

Track your assets all in one place

  • Connect your bank and brokerage accounts to track your net worth
  • View your stock, crypto, and bank values in a simple spreadsheet
  • Start a 14-day trial for only $1

Visit Kubera In this Kubera review

  • What is Kubera?
  • Who is Kubera right for?
  • What we like about Kubera
  • What Kubera could improve
  • How to get started with Kubera
  • FAQs
  • Bottom line

What is Kubera?

Kubera bills itself as a modern financial tracking app that allows you to track all your investments. This includes alternative investment classes that you don’t usually see with more traditional software programs. Some of the assets you can add to Kubera include:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Precious metals
  • Cars
  • Your home
  • Website domain names

Basically, if it comes with a value, you’re supposed to be able to track it with Kubera and consider it in your net worth calculations. Not only that, but Kubera will convert the value into your preferred currency. If you have bank accounts in other countries, you can see the value of those assets in your country’s currency.

Another feature of Kubera is that you can manually track asset values as well. So if you have a stake in a family business, you’re investing in art, or you’re learning how to invest money in some other way, you can include that value.

Not only can you track your net worth, but you can also share the information with others who might need it. For example, you can share a link that allows your accountant or estate planner to see the information. If you have a financial team or advisor that helps you make decisions, this can be a good way for them to see where you’re at.

On top of that, it’s possible to have your information — including passwords you keep in a vault — sent to trusted loved ones or someone else in the event you become unable to manage your money. This way, if you unexpectedly die or otherwise need someone else to access and manage your assets, they can do so.

The ability to store passwords, important documents, and account information in a secure vault that can be sent to those who need it adds another dimension to personal finance management.

Kubera is available on desktop, but not as a mobile app for iOS or Android. However, you can use Kubera on a mobile device’s browser as a progressive web app. You can save the site to your phone and launch it like a mobile app.

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In general, Kubera provides a way for you to see everything in one place for $150 per year. There are less expensive tools out there, but many aren’t as robust and lack the privacy you’ll see with Kubera. If you like the idea of not having your information sold, or if you want to avoid ads and upsells, the cost might be worth it.

Who is Kubera right for?

Kubera may benefit someone who has a lot of different asset classes to keep track of. There are a number of software apps that allow you to connect to a bank account or investment account, but Kubera can help you automatically update your home’s value as well as connect to major cryptocurrency wallets so you can see your updated value of these other assets.

Additionally, Kubera can benefit someone who has a variety of important documents they want passed on to others. It’s a tool meant for someone with a more complicated financial situation, and who might need someone else to know where all their assets are. Kubera can be an easy way for you to share information with your money management team or the person who has your power of attorney.

What we like about Kubera

  • Track a wider variety of assets. With Kubera, you can connect more types of assets and view your net worth. Kubera connects to major crypto wallets and exchanges, which allows you to integrate DeFi assets into your net worth. If you’re learning how to buy cryptocurrency, this can help you keep track of your tokens.
  • Pass information to beneficiaries. The fact that Kubera offers secure storage for vital information such as account passwords and important documents is a benefit not offered by most other net worth trackers and personal finance apps. Additionally, the way the information is passed automatically when you don’t check in regularly is also a benefit.
  • Get global currency support. You can connect more than 20,000 financial institutions from around the world. When you do this, you can have the value of those accounts displayed in your preferred currency to give you a more accurate view of what you have available to you.

What Kubera could improve

  • Only provides tracking information: You can’t use Kubera to execute trades or act on the information. You can only see what’s in your portfolio.
  • No budgeting tools or other functions: In addition to not being able to trade, you also won’t have access to budget analysis and suggestions or other tools, such as credit monitoring. If you’re hoping for tips to make better financial decisions, Kubera won’t be helpful. It strictly provides information about your accounts.

How to get started with Kubera

Opening an account with Kubera is fairly straightforward. You can sign up using your Google account or by using an email address and password.

When you sign up, you’ll connect the accounts you want tracked, including your bank and investment accounts, and connect your crypto wallets. Make sure you have your information handy so you can connect all your accounts with ease. It’s also possible to enter asset information manually if you’re not comfortable connecting accounts.

You also need to provide your credit card information. Kubera offers a 14-day trial for $1, but after that, you’ll pay $150 per year to keep using the app.


Is Kubera safe?

Kubera doesn’t store any of your credentials. Third-party services are used to help you connect your accounts. On top of that, for many crypto wallets, Kubera will ask only for your address or read-only permissions. Kubera can’t make any transactions. Kubera uses in-transit and at-rest encryption to help protect your data. If you use your Google account to sign up with Kubera, you can ensure it’s protected with two-factor authentication.

What are the benefits of using Kubera?

Kubera offers several benefits for those who like the idea of keeping track of all assets — including nontraditional assets — in one place. It tracks assets in different currencies and even allows you to enter various assets such as art and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, due to the automatic way Kubera gives others access to important information as needed, it can be a good estate planning tool.

Does Kubera have an app?

Kubera doesn’t have a mobile app. Instead, Kubera makes use of what’s known as a progressive web app. Rather than downloading an app from the app store, you instead go to a special version of the website on your mobile device. Then, you share it to your device and it shows up on your home screen as if it were a native app, even though it isn’t.

Bottom line

Kubera may be a good choice if you have many different asset classes you want to track. Kubera offers a streamlined approach to net worth tracking that allows you to see everything you have in a way that isn’t offered by other portfolio tracking apps. On top of that, Kubera allows you to store important passwords and documents and see that they’re given to the people you designate in the event that you die or become incapacitated.

However, Kubera is also a little pricey when compared with some of the other personal finance apps. You also won’t get access to tools designed to help you budget or monitor your credit. If you’re more interested in protecting your privacy as well as being able to see all of your assets in one place, Kubera might be worth the cost.

Track Your Assets All in One Place

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Kubera Benefits

  • Connect your bank and brokerage accounts to track your net worth
  • View your stock, crypto, and bank values in a simple spreadsheet
  • Start a 14-day trial for only $1

Visit Kubera

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