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How To Remove TU Interactive From Your Credit Report

Curious about an entry from TU Interactive on your credit report?

When your report has an inquiry from TU Interactive, it’s probably because you applied for some type of credit.

If you’re worried about a hard inquiry from TU Interactive lowering your credit score, read on for a few pointers that may help you to get the entry deleted from your report.

What Is TU Interactive?

The TU in TU Interactive is short for TransUnion. You may have heard of TransUnion before.

It’s one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, along with Equifax and Experian.

TU Interactive is the bureau’s consumer side, which offers credit monitoring services at a low subscription fee.

While credit monitoring shouldn’t negatively affect your credit score, there have been some complaints from individuals citing that their routine credit monitoring services resulted in a hard inquiry on their report.

TU Interactive is most likely on your report because it was used by a lender or creditor in their vetting process.

If you recently applied for credit, a hard pull could have been done on your TransUnion report.

TU Interactive subscribers can contact the company with questions at (855)-681-3196. Their hours are:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m.-5.p.m.

How Does a TU Interactive Hard Inquiry Affect Your Credit Score?

There are two types of credit inquiries: hard and soft pulls. Soft pulls don’t affect your credit score, while hard inquiries do.

A soft pull might be done when you consent to a background check or get quotes for loans.

When you actually apply for say, a car loan, mortgage, or store credit card, it results in a hard pull or inquiry.

A hard inquiry is not likely to seriously hurt your credit score. Oftentimes, it drops your score by a few points, but that’s the extent of the damage.

Hard inquiries stay on your report for two years, which is far shorter than some entries, like collection entries, which can bring your score down for seven years.

That being said, if your credit report shows that you’ve applied for several types of loans and credit cards, it could demonstrate to borrowers that your finances aren’t very stable and you’re desperate for financial assistance.

That’s why it’s important to time your applications wisely. If you’re comparison shopping to get the lowest rates on a loan, try to complete all of your applications in a small window of time to minimize the impact on your credit.

Having several hard inquiries on your report could seriously lower your score.

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3 Ways to Remove TU Interactive from Your Credit Report

If you’re hoping to get hard inquiries off your report, you have three options:

  1. Dispute the Inquiry with TU Interactive: If TU Interactive is on your credit report but you didn’t apply for anything that would result in a hard credit check, you should send a letter directly to them challenging the debt. It could be the result of a reporting error, which the company should correct.
  2. Dispute the Inquiry with the Credit Bureaus: If your attempts at contacting TU Interactive are unsuccessful, you may want to send a letter of dispute to the three credit bureaus. This could result in the removal of the hard inquiry from your report.
  3. Work with a credit repair company: Getting a hard inquiry off your report might be a challenge on your own. A credit repair company can help simplify the process and improve other facets of your credit profile.

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Bottom Line

You may find success by disputing TU Interactive’s hard inquiry, but if not, this type of entry isn’t the end of the world.

Even if you can’t get TU Interactive off your credit report, it should only do minimal damage to your score and will fall off completely after two years.

If your credit report is riddled with other more complex issues, it could be vital to work with a credit repair company.

They can deal with disputing and removing trickier entries, assisting you with issues like:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Charge-offs
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Repossession

We’ve done the homework for you, vetting the top credit repair companies.

Take a look, pick the one that’s the best fit for you, and start improving your credit today.