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How to Remove MRS BPO LLC From Your Credit Report

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Nothing is quite as panic-inducing as receiving a telephone call from a debt collector.

Not only are they notoriously rude, but having a debt collector on your tail can mean your credit score is about to take a dive.

If you have heard from a debt collector called MRS BPO LLC recently, you may already be aware of this and looking for a way to fix the situation.

MRS BPO LLC is contacting you because they are now responsible for collecting a debt on behalf of your original creditor.

They have either been hired by the original creditor to get you to make payments, or they purchased the debt for pennies on the dollar.

Either way, they are going to do as much as they can to get you to pay, through relentless phone calls and emails.

The best way to get MRS BPO LLC off of your back is to remove their entry from your credit report. Don’t let that stress you out.

This review of MRS BPO LLC will give you the playbook, helping you step by step to get rid of this collection company for good.

To learn more about how to remove MRS BPO LLC from your credit report, check out our how-to guide below.

What is MRS BPO LLC?

MRS BPO LLC is a medium-sized debt collection agency based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States.

They were originally founded in 2007, which makes them a relatively new debt collection company and definitely not a scam.

In fact, they use a smart call center through the IBM Watson AI, “Adam”.

MRS BPO LLC collects on behalf of a number of industries, including health care, credit cards, financial services, auto loans, student loans, telecom, and utilities.

Steps to Remove MRS BPO LLC From Your Credit Report

Through a few steps, you can remove MRS BPO LLC from your credit report once and for all. How?

Here is how you can get rid of MRS BPO LLC’s collection entry and get your credit score back on track.

  • Know Your Rights
  • Request Debt Validation
  • Negotiate a Settlement
  • Seek Professional Help

Know Your Rights

Once you begin dealing with a debt collector such as MRS BPO LLC, it’s important to become familiar with your rights.

This article shouldn’t be a substitute or used as legal advice. Please contact a law firm should you need it.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a debt collector to bully, use obscene language, harass, or even threaten you into making payments. We often hear the worried question, “Can a collections company really sue me?”

After all, their whole collection activities business structure relies on your payment, and they will do anything to make that happen.

What many people aren’t aware of is that there is federal legislation in place that protects you against this kind of abuse.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law, regulated by the FTC, that makes sure that companies like MRS BPO LLC treat their customers fairly and with respect.

It prohibits them from doing things such as:

  • Using abusive or profane language during a telephone call.
  • Threatening legal action that they can’t or won’t take
  • Misrepresenting themselves or information about your debt
  • Calling you at odd hours or at times that you have told them are inconvenient
  • Contacting your family, coworkers, or friends regarding your debt

The FDCPA also gives you the right to request how MRS BPO LLC communicates with you. I always recommend that you request all communications via U.S. Mail.

Doing so will allow you to hold onto all your communications with MRS BPO LLC and prevent them from contacting you too much or harassing you verbally.

Many people aren’t aware of their rights under the FDCPA, and MRS BPO LLC certainly will not be the one to tell you.

By educating yourself, you are arming yourself with the knowledge to face MRS BPO LLC with assurance and confidence.

Request Debt Validation

Before you make any payments, you will need to ask MRS BPO LLC to verify the debt.

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Under the FDCPA, you have the right to ask MRS BPO LLC to prove that the debt belongs to you and that they are authorized to collect it.

This is because it is common for information to get lost in the transfer from the original creditor to the debt collector.

Verifying the debt ensures that you aren’t making payments on someone else’s debt.

To verify the information associated with the debt, you will need to send a debt validation letter that asks MRS BPO LLC to send legal proof that they are obligated to collect on the debt.

Be sure to include your name, telephone number, address, account number, and any other pertinent information regarding the dispute.

It is crucial that you do this within 30 days of the first contact with MRS BPO LLC. Otherwise, they may not respond to your request. If you need help crafting a letter,

After you send the debt validation letter, MRS BPO LLC should return with various documents and details that will help you understand why they believe this debt belongs to you.

Look through these documents and mark any information that seems fishy or inaccurate. If any details don’t match up with what you have, you can file a dispute with the three major credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

If the credit bureaus agree with your dispute, the entry will be removed, and you may not have to pay the debt at all.

Negotiate a Settlement

If the debt does belong to you, your next step is to negotiate a settlement with MRS BPO LLC. The most common type of settlement that people make with debt collectors is a pay-for-delete agreement.

A pay-for-delete agreement is when MRS BPO LLC agrees to stop reporting the debt to major credit bureaus in exchange for payment on the debt.

This type of agreement is good for everyone because you get the collection entry removed from your credit report, and MRS BPO LLC makes some of their money back on the debt.

To begin negotiations, offer to pay half of the total balance and work from there. You will likely receive pushback from MRS BPO LLC and will need to adjust.

Once you reach an agreement, ask MRS BPO LLC to send the terms in writing. Make sure that you don’t pay them before you receive this document and review the language of the agreement.

After MRS BPO LLC sends the written pay-for-delete agreement, make your first payment on the debt.

Check your credit report 30 days after submitting the payment to ensure that MRS BPO LLC upheld their end of the bargain.

If the entry is still there, reach back out to them and remind them of the agreement.

Get a FREE Copy of Your Credit Report

Work with a Professional

You may find that you aren’t getting anywhere with MRS BPO LLC, no matter what you try. This is when working with a credit repair company can help your cause.

Credit repair companies are industry professionals that analyze your credit report and negotiate with collection agencies to remove any dings.

They can identify the reasons why your score is dropping and work with you to improve it. Overall, they can be massively helpful to people that are looking to clean up their credit report.

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Is MRS BPO LLC Legitimate?

You may be curious if MRS BPO LLC is a legitimate company or not. After all, it is reasonable to question the authenticity of a company that shows up out of the blue demanding money on a debt.

Unfortunately, they are a completely legitimate debt collector but are also a terrible pain to deal with.

MRS BPO LLC has about 540 complaints filed against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and about 120 complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The majority of the complaints against them are in regard to aggressive collection tactics like inaccurate reporting, and failure to respond to debt validation requests.

MRS BPO LLC Contact Information

Here is their most recent contact information:

  • Address: 1930 Olney Ave., Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
  • Other Offices: Westerville, OJ, and Mumbai, India
  • Phone Number: 888-334-5677
  • Website:

Dealing With MRS BPO LLC

Removing collection accounts from your credit report can be a hassle, but it is worth it to prevent extensive damage to your credit score.

If you are interested in more ways that you can clean up your credit report and improve your score, check out some of my other popular articles to learn more.

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