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How to Remove Advanced Collection Bureau Inc From Your Credit Report

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There’s no denying that the current pandemic has left many Americans in an impossible situation.

Many people are having to choose between paying bills on their student or car loans and providing food for their families.

If you have had a bill go into collections, you may start hearing from a company called Advanced Collection Bureau Inc.

They are a debt collector that has either been hired by your original creditor or has purchased the debt at a fraction of the price.

No matter how Advanced Collection Bureau Inc came into the rights to collect your debt, they’re here to stay.

They are persistent and will employ a number of intrusive tactics to get you to pay up.

Unfortunately, this is the least of your worries when it comes to your credit health.

In order to pursue you for payments, Advanced Collection Bureau Inc has to open a collections account on your credit report.

This collections account can damage your credit score for up to seven years, even if you end up paying the debt.

So, how can you stop Advanced Collection Bureau Inc from wrecking your credit?

The best thing to do is to remove them from your credit report as quickly as you can.

Keep reading to learn more about Advanced Collection Bureau Inc and how you can get them off your credit report.

What is Advanced Collection Bureau Inc?

Headquartered in Rockledge, FL, Advanced Collection Bureau Inc is a debt collection agency that recovers unpaid bills on behalf of creditors and lenders.

They work in a variety of industries including commercial, health care, and utility providers.

It’s pretty common for debt collectors to have complaints filed against them. After all, they are not the most pleasant people by which to be contacted.

Advanced Collection Bureau Inc has had a number of complaints filed against them over the years with groups like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They have even had 10 cases of civil litigation filed against them since their founding.

Advanced Collection Bureau Inc has a reputation for bending the rules, specifically the guidelines established under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA states which practices are appropriate and inappropriate according to the law.

Unfortunately, Advanced Collection Bureau Inc tends to conveniently ignore these rules when they count.

If you find that they are violating your FDCPA rights, you can file a complaint or lawsuit as well.

You may be entitled to damage payouts if you work with proper representation.

How to Remove Advanced Collection Bureau Inc From Your Credit Report

You may be wondering how you can remove Advanced Collection Bureau Inc from your credit report.

Luckily, there are several proven ways to get them to delete the entry and boost your score.

Here are the best steps to take to remove the collection from your credit report for good.

  • Goodwill Deletion
  • Debt Validation
  • Pay for Delete Agreement

Request a Goodwill Deletion

This has been a difficult time, and many people have had bills go to collections for the very first time in their lives.

If you are typically good about paying your bills but have run into a hard time, Advanced Collection Bureau Inc may be inclined to grant you a goodwill deletion.

A goodwill deletion is when a collection agency is willing to stop reporting the debt to credit bureaus out of benevolence.

This is typically only done when Advanced Collection Bureau Inc can tell that the nonpayment was caused by circumstances that were out of your control, such as financial hardship from the pandemic.

However, it is important to know that Advanced Collection Bureau Inc is also usually only willing to grant goodwill deletions to those whose debts are paid.

If you still have a balance on your debt, this likely will not work for you.

The first step to asking for a goodwill deletion is writing a letter to Advanced Collection Bureau Inc explaining why you were late on your payments in the first place.

If you lost your job or were saddled with medical bills, you should mention this in your letter.

You should know that Advanced Collection Bureau Inc is exceptionally skilled at recognizing when people are lying about their reasons for nonpayment.

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Make sure that whatever you tell them is the truth. They will likely ask you to provide documentation to back up your claims.

Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

Request Debt Validation

If this is not your first debt that has gone to collections, a goodwill deletion likely won’t work for you.

Instead, you can try getting the debt deleted on a technicality by requesting a debt validation.

Debt validation is a right that is granted to you in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act under section 609.

Under this clause, you are allowed to request that Advanced Collection Bureau Inc send you proof that the debt is yours and that they may lawfully to collect it.

However, this right is only granted to you within the first 30 days of being contacted by Advanced Collection Bureau Inc.

If you wait beyond this, they are not required to respond to your request.

Start by writing a Section 609 letter, also known as a debt validation letter, to Advanced Collection Bureau Inc.

This is a formal request for them to send you all the proof they have that the debt belongs to you.

If you aren’t sure how to write the letter, we have a debt validation letter template that can help you get started.

When you send your letter, make sure to request a return receipt from the carrier. This is how you can know for sure that Advanced Collection Bureau Inc has received your letter.

Advanced Collection Bureau Inc should respond to your request for validation within 30 days of getting your letter.

This should come in the form of pages of documents detailing your debt. Compare this to the information that you have on your debt and note any inaccuracies.

If you find any glaring errors, you can file a dispute with the major credit bureaus.

They will investigate separately and remove Advanced Collection Bureau Inc’s entry if they find that they are reporting erroneous information.

Make a Pay-for-Delete Agreement

When Advanced Collection Bureau Inc acquires your debt, they typically do not pay your original creditor the full amount for the debt.

They usually only pay a fraction of the balance.

The creditor agrees because they want to get rid of the debt as soon as they can, and Advanced Collection Bureau Inc stands to make a profit on the difference.

What this means for you is that you may be able to get away with negotiating a settlement to pay less than the full amount of your debt.

The most important thing, though, is to get Advanced Collection Bureau Inc to agree to delete their account from your credit report.

This entry is what will continue to damage your score down the road, so it’s important to keep your eyes on the horizon and secure a deletion.

To begin, offer to pay Advanced Collection Bureau Inc a portion of your balance in exchange for them removing all of the negative information related to your debt from your credit report.

Work with them until you come to terms and a payment amount that you can agree on.

It is important that you have Advanced Collection Bureau Inc send you the full agreement in writing.

If you neglect to request this and make a payment before you receive it, you will have no proof of the agreement.

Once you receive the contract and approve of the terms as they are written, make your initial payment to Advanced Collection Bureau Inc.

You should notice their entry disappear from your credit report within a month or so.

If not, reach back out to them and prompt them to make the deletion.

Hire a Professional

If calls from Advanced Collection Bureau Inc are keeping you up at night, you should know that there are ways that you can solve the problem and keep them from destroying your credit.

Follow the steps above or work with a credit repair company, and you’ll never have to hear from Advanced Collection Bureau Inc again.

Everyone can improve their credit with a little patience and a lot of determination.

Check out more of our articles to learn how you can boost your score and improve your credit history.

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