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How To Remove Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC From Your Credit Report

How to Remove Global Credit & Collection Corp from Your Credit Report

Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC is a debt collection agency.

If they’re contacting you or have appeared on your credit report, it’s important to handle the situation as quickly as possible.

While one collection account entry might not do terrible damage to your credit, it can lower your score for 7 years, severely impairing any future attempts at garnering new credit or loans.

Before you pay ARI a penny, read on. Calling the agency and making them a payment (or calling them at all) might not be in your best interest.

Take a look at the three best ways to get the collections agency off your report.

What Is Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC?

Is Absolute Resolutions Investments legit or a scam?  Though the name is an unfamiliar one to most consumers, it belongs to a legitimate company.

Absolute Resolution Investments LLC is one and the same as Absolute Resolution Corp.

The collections agency was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

And can pop up under other names, such as Absolute Resolutions Corp, ARC, and Absolute Resolutions Corporation.

You can reach the agency at:

8000 Norman Center Dr #350
Bloomington, MN 55437

ARI are debt buyers, meaning they buy debts from the originators or original owners such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit card debt
  • Installment loans
  • Financed purchases
  • Retail debt
  • Utility bills

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How Does Absolute Resolutions Work?

When you fall behind on payments, your debt could be turned over to a collections agency like ARI.

If a creditor, retailer, or service provider is unable to collect on your debts, they may either sell it to an agency like ARI or hire them for assistance.

In both cases, the agency will report your late account to the major credit bureaus, leading to a collections entry being placed on your report.

This kind of entry stays on your report all of seven years unless you get the agency to agree to have it deleted.

Collections entries can bring down your score because they factor into your payment history, which is 35% of your score.

Paired with other late payments, a limited credit history, or a lack of credit variety, it can seriously hurt your score.

In addition to diminishing your creditworthiness, having debt in collections can make your everyday life pretty stressful.

Debt collectors can call, leave you messages, and send letters rather frequently until you pay what you owe.

3 Ways to Remove Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC from Your Credit Report

Ready to say goodbye to Absolute Resolutions?

Here are the top three ways to get the collections entry deleted from your credit report.

  1. Ask to see proof
  2. Try a pay-for-delete agreement
  3. Use a credit repair company

1. Ask to See Proof of the Debt

According to the FDCPA’s guidelines, if you ask for verification of your debt within 30 days of ARI’s first contact, they have to provide it.

All you need to do is mail in a request, which is simpler than it might seem. Check out our free debt validation letter, enter your details, and you’re all set.

If the agency is contacting you on accident, this approach is obviously worth taking as the agency won’t have the documentation it needs.

However, it may be worth it to send a letter in even if you do owe a legitimate debt. Agencies like ARI aren’t the original owners of your debt, and they might not have the account information needed to see their endeavor through.

In both cases, if the agency can’t supply the information you request, they’ll stop trying to collect from you and report to the credit bureaus, resulting in the removal of the collections entry.

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If it’s been less than a month since Absolute Resolutions first got in touch with you, you should 100% ask for debt validation.

If this all seems like too much for you to do on your own,
we suggest you turn to a professional credit repair company for help.

Ask Lex Law for Help

2. Try a Pay-for-delete Agreement

Getting ARI’s entry off your report may not be as simple as paying the company, but it’s not much harder. If you:

  1. Missed your chance at debt validation because it’s been longer than 30 days, or
  2. Received validation of your debt upon request,

You should opt for a pay-for-delete arrangement with ARI.

As the name implies, this method involves paying the agency to have their credit entry deleted.

All you need to do is submit a letter negotiating your terms, get the agency’s consent, and make a payment that matches the agreement’s terms.

Best of all, you should be able to get the collections agency to accept far less money than you owe them.

Try negotiating to pay ARI half of the amount you owe to settle your account.

Once the agency has agreed, in writing, to your proposal, you’ll just need to make a payment and monitor your credit to ensure that it gets updated.

If not, you’ll need to check back with the agency to make sure they report your payment to the bureaus.

3. Use a Credit Repair Company

Can you use one of the two methods above and get ARI off your report? Certainly, but do you have to?

If you’d rather let someone else handle the somewhat stressful task of dealing with the agency, a credit repair company could be worth the money.

Whether you simply hate making calls, don’t have time to draft debt validation letters, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your credit issues, these companies have you covered.

Our top credit repair companies are a wonderful place to start.

They offer affordable services, superior customer service, and the skills needed to improve your credit.

They’re experts at everything from basic to complex credit issues and work quickly to provide you with quality results, boosting your credit score.

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Dealing with Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC

Are you familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

It’s a law that every consumer should familiarize him or herself with before communicating with a collections agency.

The FDCPA protects you from abusive debt collection practices, giving specific guidelines for how and when debt collectors are allowed to contact you.

Here are a few highlights of the FDCPA:

  • Collections agencies can only call from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • They may not contact you at your workplace, at your request.
  • They are prohibited from sharing your personal info with employers or loved ones.
  • They are not allowed to threaten any illegal actions or violence, or use abusive language.

These protections are critical as debt collectors like ARI are often the recipients of complaints about their inaccurate reporting, overly aggressive collection attempts, and inability to verify debts.

You can find specific complaints against the agency on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  (CFPB) websites.

Another major benefit of the FDCPA: You can limit your interactions with ARI to letters only, stopping their calls completely.

Communicating with the agency by mail is a solid strategy as it gives you hard proof of all your conversations that could help you get their collections entry off your report smoothly.

As a general disclaimer, the information in this article is not meant to serve as legal advice. Please seek legal counsel from a law firm should your situation warrant it.

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