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How To Remove Regional Acceptance Corporation From Your Credit Report

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Sometimes, life comes with unexpected expenses and financial hardships. It can be all too easy to fall behind on payments and find yourself with debt in collections.

If you’ve come across a negative entry from Regional Acceptance Corporation on your credit report, a missed car payment is likely the culprit.

Collections entries can do quite a bit of damage to your credit score, staying on your report for seven years.

Fortunately, we have the resources you need to get Regional Acceptance deleted from your credit report, ASAP.

What Is Regional Acceptance Corp?

Regional Acceptance Corporation may not be a familiar name to most consumers, but its parent company is.

RAC is affiliated with BB&T Bank, issuing the financial institution’s auto loans.

The company has been offering auto loans for over 40 years, specializing in loans for individuals with mediocre credit.

Regional Acceptance is headquartered in Greenville, North Carolina,  and you can contact them at the following address:

1424 E Fire Tower Rd
Greenville, NC 27858

How Does Regional Acceptance Corp Work?

When your debt goes unpaid for a certain period of time, usually 30 days, it enters collections.

At this point, the company you owe money to may begin calling you frequently to collect, as well as sending you letters about your balance.

At some point, they may also turn your debt over to a collections agency, which can be even more persistent with their calls and letters.

When your debt goes to collections, a negative entry is placed on your credit report.

The collections entry remains on your report for seven years, whether you pay off your debt or not.

Your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit report, so a collections account can lower your score anywhere from a few points to dozens of points.

That’s why it’s important to follow the steps below to get Regional Acceptance off your report.

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3 Ways to Get Regional Acceptance Corp Removed from Your Credit Report

Now that you know how Regional Acceptance works, here are a few keys to getting the collections entry off your credit report.

  1. Ask RAC to validate the debt
  2. Pay to have the entry deleted
  3. Work with a credit repair company

1. Ask RAC to Validate the Debt

Whenever a collections entry is added to your report, the FDCPA grants you 30 days to dispute it.

All you have to do is mail the company a debt validation letter using a free template.

Regional Acceptance should respond by sending you information regarding your account to validate their collection attempt.

If they can’t validate the debt, they’ll have the entry dropped from your report and stop contacting you.

This is a no-brainer if you’re being contacted in error regarding a debt that isn’t yours.

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But it’s also worth a shot even if you did fall behind on payments on your BB&T auto loan.

2. Pay to Have the Entry Deleted

If you’re too late to send the company a debt validation letter (or you tried debt validation and the company furnished you with the information you requested), it may be time to start negotiating.

As previously mentioned, simply paying what you owe Regional Acceptance won’t result in the collections entry being deleted from your report.

To get the collections account off your report, you need to get Regional Acceptance to agree to have it removed if you make a payment.

In many cases, companies are willing to accept a reduced payment to settle the account.

That means you can negotiate with Regional Acceptance and potentially pay less than what you actually owe.

When you opt for a pay-for-delete agreement, you should be sure to do it in writing.

If a company representative simply agrees to your proposal over the phone, there’s no documentation guaranteeing the amount you agreed upon or their consent to deleting the collections entry.

Once you reach an agreement and make a payment, your credit report should be updated fairly quickly.

If a month goes by and the collections account is still there, you should follow up with the company to ensure they update the credit bureaus.

3. Work with a Credit Repair Company

Getting a collections entry off your credit report can be a tedious process at times.

If you’d like assistance dealing with Regional Acceptance, a credit repair company could be just what you need.

These companies are staffed with experts who can help you maneuver through a wide range of credit issues.

They’ll dispute inaccuracies, negotiate payments, and help you set and meet goals.

Many of these companies come with flexible options in multiple price ranges.

Whether you have a few negative entries or a whole host of issues bringing down your score, you could benefit from the services of a credit repair company.

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best credit repair companies to help you get started.

Working with one of these companies is sure to improve your credit score and help you to keep it on track.

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Dealing with Regional Acceptance Corporation

Before you get in touch with Regional Acceptance, you need to brush up on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

A quick look at the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau websites reveals that debt collectors are notorious for harassment and erroneous reporting.

This FDCPA was designed to ensure that debt collectors deal ethically and respectfully with consumers and to guarantee accurate reporting.

For example, it limits the hours during which companies and collection agencies can contact you and bars them from contacting anyone else about your debt.

It also allows you to set the terms for how representatives contact you.

We advise that you communicate with Regional Acceptance in writing rather than over the phone so that everything is well-documented.

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