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How To Remove Jefferson Capital Systems From Your Credit Report

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Have you come across the name Jefferson Capital Systems on your credit report or in your recent phone calls?

One forgotten credit card or medical bill can put you on Jefferson Capital Systems’ list, doing damage to your credit score for several years if it’s left unresolved.

In fact, in the United States, a collections account on your credit report can have a negative credit reporting impact for over seven years.

Fortunately, getting Jefferson removed from your credit report is simple, with a few strategic moves and professional resources.

Read on to learn about how Jefferson Capital Systems works and what you can do to improve your credit score after a collections account has been placed on your report.

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Most companies will do a free consultation and advise you of all your legal rights provided by consumer protection laws.

3 Ways to Remove Jefferson Capital Systems from Your Credit Report

There are a few different ways to handle Jefferson Capital Systems.

With the steps below, you can get Jefferson removed from your credit report quickly and start to see improvements to your score.

Whether Jefferson is claiming you owe a debt that doesn’t exist, or you forgot to pay your cable bill, here are a few surefire strategies to remedy the situation:

1. Write Jefferson Capital Systems LLC a Debt Validation Letter

When a debt collection account is first placed on your credit report, you have 30 days to dispute the claim.

Thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have every right to submit a debt validation letter to Jefferson Capital Systems.

Unless Jefferson has adequate documentation to prove you owe the debt they’re trying to collect, they’ll be forced to remove the collections account from your credit report.

Whether you truly owe Jefferson or not, the agency likely doesn’t have the proof they need to validate your debt as they purchased it from another company.

Since you only have 30 days, it’s crucial to write Jefferson Capital Systems ASAP when the agency contacts you or comes up on your credit report.

2. Negotiate a Partial Payment on Your Account

If you didn’t make the 30-day cutoff or Jefferson responds to your debt validation request, you should consider making a payment to satisfy Jefferson’s requirements.

Agencies like Jefferson buy debts at low costs, so they’re usually willing to accept payments below the amount owed.

For instance, you might be able to settle a $150 phone bill with a $75 payment.

You should be sure to negotiate with Jefferson Capital Systems in letter form to ensure the agreement is clearly documented.

Once you negotiate an amount and make a payment, you should see the collection account removed from your credit report.

If it’s still there after 30 days, you should write to Jefferson to ensure the agency upholds its end of the agreement.

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Get a Free Copy of Your Credit Report

3. Seek Help from a Credit Repair Company

Some situations are best left to the professionals. While you can remove a debt collection account from your credit report on your own, it isn’t always easy.

If you want to skip out on negotiating and leave your debt disputes to someone with more time and experience, a credit repair company can help.

A company like Credit Saint or Lexington Law is staffed with deftly trained professionals who can go to bat for you.

They can help dispute your debt and repair your credit score quickly, alleviating the stress of dealing with Jefferson Capital Systems.

Don’t delay if Jefferson Capital Systems is cluttering your mailbox and dragging down your credit score.

With the steps in this article and the help of Credit Saint, you could start resolving your credit issues today.

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What Is Jefferson Capital Systems LLC?

Whenever a company calls you repeatedly asking for payments, you probably wonder whether or not it is a scam.

Jefferson Capital Systems is a legitimate debt collection agency and is a debt buyer from an original creditor. Essentially, they buy charge offs from the original service provider.

JCS has been purchasing and collecting debts since 2002. Headquartered in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, the agency earned more than $30 million in 2019. Here is a bit more of their contact information:

  • Mailing Address: 16 McLeland Road, St. Cloud, MN 56303
  • Phone Number: 1-833-851-5552

Jefferson Capital Systems can appear under several names on your credit report, including Jefferson capital LLC, Jefferson capital systems, Jefferson capital systems Verizon, or Jefferson collection.

The small agency collects the debt from service providers in several industries, as well as bankruptcy debt.

How Does Jefferson Capital Systems Work?

When companies cannot collect on unpaid bills, they often sell the rights to the debts to third-party debt collection agencies like Jefferson Capital Systems at low rates.

Once Jefferson owns a debt, its staff members can call, message, and send letters to you until you agree to make a payment.

The debt is also placed on your credit report, where it could stay for as long as seven years.

How to Deal with Jefferson Capital Systems

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC is no stranger to consumer complaints, with over 1,700 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and nearly 1,357 from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a B rating.

Some complaints against Jefferson Capital Systems include:

  • Lack of response to debt validation requests
  • Inaccurate debt reporting
  • Improper collection methods

Though Jefferson may be allowed to call you regularly, there are limits to the agency’s collection practices under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

For example, Jefferson can only call you at certain hours and cannot pester you at work.

It also lets you demand that the agency communicates with you in writing instead of over the phone.

When you communicate by writing letters, it’s easier to track your conversations with the debt collector and hold them to negotiations.

It also puts a stop to their incessant phone calls, which can be majorly annoying.

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