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Credit Saint Review

You could repair your credit score by yourself. This is possible. But hiring a professional credit repair company will save time, headache, and possibly even money because a company could fix your bad credit a lot faster.

Credit Saint is one of the best credit repair companies in the United States, whether you need a credit polish or a complete credit restoration.

This review should help you decide whether to fix your credit with Credit Saint, with another credit repair company, or with your own DIY approach.

Table of Contents:

  • Credit Saint History
  • Features of Credit Saint
  • How It Works
  • Credit Saint Plan Options
  • Pros & Cons

Credit Saint Company Review

Credit Saint opened in 2004 to help Americans fix their shaky credit histories. This company is highly regarded in the industry with many reviews ranking it No 1.

Credit Saint has maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2007. This is no easy feat considering the frustrations of bad credit and credit repair projects.

Some of this customer satisfaction can be attributed to Credit Saint’s transparency and its 90-day money back guarantee which we’ll talk about next.

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Standout Features of Credit Saint

As a market leader, Credit Saint offers efficient credit repair services with some outstanding features such as:

A 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Most if not all of the companies in the credit repair sector offer a money-back guarantee of some sort, but only Credit Saint offers a full refund for up to 90 days.

You can get all your money back if Credit Saint hasn’t succeeded in getting some of the derogatory marks removed from your credit history within 90 days.

You won’t have to argue with customer service reps to claim your full refund. Credit Saint offers this program because it expects to produce results within 90 days — and because the company won’t accept you as a client unless it knows it can help you.

You should be aware this isn’t a simple “customer satisfaction” refund. Credit Saint will issue a full refund only if your credit history has not improved within 90 days of signing up. If you’re unhappy for some other reason, or if you just regret signing up, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

You can also disqualify yourself for this refund by missing payments or making your credit worse after signing up for Credit Saint.

You can, of course, cancel anytime and for any reason without paying additional fees.

A Lower Monthly Fee For Some

You’d spend at least $100 a month for most credit repair services.

Credit Saint has a lower-priced, $79.99-a-month plan designed for people who need less help repairing their credit. If you have just a couple negative items on your report, for example, you could choose this lower-priced plan which is called Credit Polish.

Credit Saint also charges a one-time “first work” fee of $99 when you sign up for the Credit Polish plan. The monthly fee is lower, but you still would get excellent service from experts in the industry — along with the 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you need more aggressive help restoring your credit, you may need a more expensive plan such as the Credit Remodel ($99.99 + $99 one-time setup fee) or the Clean Slate plan ($119.99 + $195 one-time fee). We’ll look more closely at these plans below.

How Does Credit Saint Credit Repair Work?

To get started with your credit repair process with the help of experts from Credit Saint, you will need to follow these simple steps.

1. Book a Free Consultation

Your free credit evaluation with Credit Saint’s financial advisors gives you — and your credit advisors — a starting point. During this consultation, experts will go through the negative items in your credit score one by one.

Your advisors will then run a credit analysis to find out how your negative items could best be removed. Based on the outcome of this analysis, Credit Saint will tailor a credit repair plan for you.

2. Identity Verification

Before getting started in earnest, you’d need to verify your identity via email. To do this, you will need to submit an emailed photo of your credit card to confirm you are the person who has asked for the credit repair services.

Successfully confirming your identity gives you access to your online account page.

3. Choose a Plan

Next it’s time to choose a monthly plan. Can you get by with Credit Saint’s lowest cost plan? Or do you need more aggressive therapy to fix your bad credit score?

Details from your credit consultation in step 1 can help you decide. Plans range from $79.99 to $119.99 a month, and each plan requires an up-front fee of either $99 or $195.

We will discuss these plans in the next section.

4. Removal of Negative Items

You’re officially a client using Credit Saint’s services by this step. You can sit back and let the experts work. Credit Saint will work with the credit bureaus to remove the negative, inaccurate items from your credit history. Over time, this process can improve your credit score.

Credit Saint works in 45-day cycles. So you’ll have to be patient during these intervals.

5. Release of a Credit Report

Once the first 45-day cycle is complete, the credit bureaus will release an updated credit report. Credit Saint will then use these results to post a progress report on your profile.

Then the next 45-day cycle begins, assuming you’d like to continue with the program. If you have good credit and want to cancel, you can. However, most clients need at least two cycles to see the results they need.

Credit Saint Plan Options

Credit Saint, in addition to its free credit consultation, offers three credit repair plans:

The Polish Plan

Cost: You’d pay a $99 first-work fee, charged within a week of signing up, and then a monthly fee of $79.99.

The Polish Plan offers:

  • Online access to Credit Saint’s resources
  • Debt validation
  • Phone support
  • Challenges to late payments
  • Identity theft repair
  • Challenges to account charge-offs
  • Challenges to collections agencies

You can cancel anytime or claim your full refund after 90 days (two 45-day cycles) if you don’t see negative items removed.

The Remodel Plan

Cost: $99 first-work fee and $99.99 a month.

The Remodel Plan offers:

  • Online access to Credit Saint’s resources
  • Debt validation
  • Phone support
  • Challenges to late payments
  • Identity theft repair
  • Challenges to account charge-offs
  • Challenges to collections agencies
  • Escalated information requests
  • Challenges to bankruptcies
  • Challenges to repossessions

The Clean Slate Plan

Cost: First-work fee of $195 and $119.99 a month.

The Clean Slate Plan offers:

  • Online access to Credit Saint’s resources
  • Debt validation
  • Phone support
  • Challenges to late payments
  • Identity theft repair
  • Challenges to account charge-offs
  • Challenges to collections agencies
  • Escalated information requests
  • Challenges to bankruptcies
  • Challenges to repossessions
  • Dispute Avalanche: A feature that attacks negative items simultaneously and speeds up the credit repair process.
  • Challenges to Judgments

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Pros and Cons of Credit Saint


  • Money-Back Guarantee: Credit Saint’s 90-day money-back guarantee gives you some certainty that Credit Saint can help you. You can claim a full refund if no negative items were removed from your credit history after two 45-day cycles.
  • Highly Ranked: Credit Saint’s A+ BBB rating for 13 years in a row speaks to the company’s relationship with its customers. It’s especially difficult for a credit repair company to earn this rating consistently.
  • Flexible Cancellation: You can cancel your credit repair plan any time without incurring more fees than you’ve already paid.
  • Affordable Plans: Someone with a few negative items can choose the Polish plan, making a smaller ongoing financial commitment compared to the other industry leaders such as Lexington Law.
  • Excellent Service: Credit Saint’s advisors are helpful and friendly. You won’t meet them in person but you can email, call, or chat online. Even if you don’t reach out, an advisor will call you monthly with an update.


  • Not available in all states. If you reside in Georgia, Kansas, and South Carolina, you cannot access these credit repair services.
  • High first-work fees. Credit Saint’s first-work fees start at $99. By industry standards, this is a high setup fee. But Credit Saint costs less in the long run if you opt for the Polish plan.

Is Credit Saint For You?

If Credit Saint LLC analyzes your credit score during your initial consultation and agrees to take you on as a client, the company knows it can help repair your credit.

Within a few months, you could have the derogatory marks removed from your credit history and you could once again have access to lower interest rates, deposit-free utilities, and hassle-free borrowing when you need a new car or a personal loan.

Let’s say you choose the Remodel Plan. You’d pay about $400 over the first 90 days. If your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian scores — and your FICO score — increased by 50 points as a result, you could save thousands of dollars in interest on your next loan.

These potential financial rewards speak for themselves. The A+ BBB rating and the 90-day money-back guarantee provide further proof of Credit Saint’s ability to help you. If Credit Saint agrees to help you, we’d recommend choosing this company.

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