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Having poor credit means you can’t get a loan anywhere except perhaps from payday lenders, right?

Well, considering that interest rates on payday loans can exceed 300%, I say that’s not an option either.

With online lending platforms like available, you should never resort to a predatory loan that skips the credit check and doesn’t report to the credit bureaus.

Let’s take a closer look at to see whether you should accept one of its loan offers.


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  • Personal Loan Options
  • Interest Rates & Fees
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  • Alternatives

About is an online personal loan marketplace designed specifically for people who have poor credit. This platform gives borrowers with a shaky credit history a chance to get small, short-term, unsecured loans.

These loans could help with debt consolidation, medical expenses, paying taxes, covering car repairs, or even an emergency expense.

And, by making regular, on-time monthly payments on your bad credit loan, you can start the process of rebuilding your payment history which is a big part of a credit score.

Compare Rates Not a Direct Lender is a free online marketplace for bad credit loans. It is not a direct lender; instead, it provides a service: connecting you with loans from participating lenders and connecting these lenders with you.

By completing a single online application, you can get loan quotes from several lenders who participate in this network. You can choose the lender that offers the most generous terms at the most favorable pricing.

Let’s be clear: Your loan choices will have higher interest rates, higher fees, and lower loan amounts when compared to the best personal loans you can find online. But they do provide an option for borrowers with bad credit scores who need a legitimate loan.

Company and Site Details is based in Tacoma, Washington, but the website is operated by Chief LLC, which is based in Nevada. The company has been in business since 1998.

The lender network includes state and tribal lenders. The company does not disclose how many lenders its network includes. has a Better Business Bureau rating of “F”, the lowest rating. The chief complaint is unwanted emails and phone calls from partner lenders.

Since the site isn’t a direct lender, these reviews don’t pertain to the actual loan you’d get — just this site’s role as a go-between.

Educational Resources

Along with access to personal loans, this website also provides extensive credit-related resources. This includes explanations of the various types of loans, including personal loans, business loans, credit cards, mortgages and home loans, student loans, and auto loans.

The site also has lots of articles about loan scams. This is important information because scammers tend to target borrowers who have poor credit. offers personal loans, but the site can also connect borrowers with small business loans through some of the lenders in this network.

Personal Loan Options

Personal loans are the primary financial product you’ll find at

Personal loans are unsecured which has pluses and minuses. On the plus side, they won’t require collateral the way an auto loan or mortgage would. On the con side, their interest rates and fees will be higher because there’s no collateral.

Personal loans can be used for any purpose, including:

  • debt consolidation
  • auto buying
  • auto repairs
  • moving expenses
  • medical expenses
  • business expenses
  • vacations
  • paying taxes
  • paying for a large upcoming expense
  • covering emergencies

Personal loans on this site are available in amounts ranging from $500 to $10,000, but your maximum loan amount can vary between different partner lenders — especially if you have a low credit score.

Based on our analysis, an applicant with poor credit will not get a loan amount higher than $1,000 from any participating lender on this site. This site defines poor credit as a FICO score below 500.

Loan terms range from as little as three months to as many as 36 months (three years). You could get your loan funds the next business day which is super convenient.

Interest Rates & Fees

Interest rates and fees for these loans are set by the individual participating lenders in the lender network and not by the site itself.

But our test applications showed that interest rates range from 5.99% to 35.99% APR. As you can expect, applying with poor credit puts you on the highest end of this APR scale.

For context, credit card lenders could charge up to 35.99% APR, though most cards come with interest rates between 15% and 27%. But since credit card balances don’t have fixed payments, you could end up paying more interest charges over time.

Lenders in this network also charge higher origination fees. They can reach 8% of the loan amount. On a $1,000 loan with an 8% origination fee, you’d pay $80. This $80 would come out of your loan amount, meaning your loan proceeds would be $920.

The website is completely free to use, and there is no indication that any of the participating lenders charge an application fee.

Lenders pay the site for your business but we can find no evidence that these commissions cost customers in any way — at least not directly.

Getting Loan Quotes

Eligibility for a personal loan requires you to:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have proof of citizenship, such as a Social Security number, or legal residency.
  • Have a regular income, either from full-time employment, self-employment, or Social Security or disability benefits.
  • Have a checking account in your name.
  • Provide work and home telephone numbers.
  • Provide a valid email address.

To begin the application process and make loan requests, you’ll have to complete a three-page questionnaire online.

Compare Rates

Step 1

On the first page, you’ll enter the loan amount you need, your estimated level of credit, and the reason you want the loan.

You’ll also enter your first and last name, your birth date, and check whether you are active duty military.

Step 2

On page 2, you’ll enter your contact information, including your email address, phone number, address, and how long you’ve lived there.

This is also where you’ll provide employment information, including the frequency of pay, your employer name and phone number, how long you’ve been employed, and what your gross monthly income is.

The screen will also ask for your driver’s license number, the issuing state, your Social Security number, and your bank account type (checking or savings).

Step 3

Page 3 is where you’ll be asked to provide your bank information, including your bank routing number and personal account number.

You’ll also be asked to indicate how long you have had a relationship with your bank, as well as your job title, your next payday, if you’re paid by direct deposit and if you own your own car.

You’ll then enter your mobile phone and complete the process.

Seeing Loan Products

At this point, the site should show loan products you qualify for. Look for a loan with the best rates and repayment terms you can afford.

Shoppers with better credit scores will likely see more loan products. A borrower with poor credit may see only a couple choices.

By clicking on a loan offer, you’ll be directed to the financial institution that offers the loan where you’ll finalize your application.

Customer Support

Customer contact with is available by both phone and email (through the website).

But once you make an application for a personal loan, you’ll need to be in contact with the lender you’ve chosen. provides only an online personal loan marketplace; it cannot answer your direct lender-related questions.

Customer contact options will vary with the lender you’ll be working with, as each has its own options available. Pros and Cons


  • is an online personal loan marketplace, giving you access to a large network of lenders. This will not only improve the chance of loan approval but also of getting the best rates and terms.
  • The web platform is completely free to use.
  • com provides its address and contact information on the website, which is not always the case with bad credit lenders.
  • Loan terms range from three months to 36 months, offering flexibility as to repayment.
  • The lender network offers higher loan amounts and lower rates for those with better credit.
  • If you have poor credit, a loan through a lender will give you the ability to improve your credit score, as long as you make all your payments on time. Making late payments will hurt your credit score even more.


  • is not a direct lender, so you’ll be working with the lender you choose from this site’s loan offers.
  • Loan amounts are relatively small, with a $10,000 maximum. With other lenders you can find personal loans online for $100,000. But for poor credit (a credit score of less than 500), the maximum loan amount may be no more than $1,000.
  • The maximum interest rate is high at 35.99% APR, but this is typical of rates charged for bad credit personal loans.
  • com has the lowest rating possible with the Better Business Bureau, but keep in mind this BBB rating doesn’t reflect the quality of loans. (Since this site doesn’t lend money.)
  • You’ll be disclosing significant personal information, including your Social Security number, driver’s license number, and bank account information, to an unknown number of lenders.
  • Submitting a loan request form could open you up to unwanted phone calls from lenders.

Alternatives to isn’t the only lending source in the personal loan for bad credit space. You can check out my post, Personal Loans for Bad Credit, for more options.

For example, a competing online marketplace, also makes personal loans available to consumers with bad credit. But for those with credit scores of at least 580, they do offer more generous terms. The pricing is similar, but you can borrow as much as $35,000, with repayment terms up to 72 months.

But one advantage both and offer is that both are online personal loan marketplaces, specializing in providing financing to those with poor credit.

As online marketplaces, each gives you access to multiple lenders in their networks. This is a big advantage over making applications with direct lenders.

After all, a direct lender provides you with a single opportunity for financing. If they decline your loan application, you’ll need to move on to another lender where you’ll start the process all over.

In contrast, online personal loan marketplaces for consumers with poor credit provide you with multiple lenders, increasing the likelihood of approval on the first try.

Is For You?

Personal loans are available for borrowers with bad credit, but the loan amounts are relatively small, and the cost is high. But if you’re facing an emergency and need money fast, could help.

It’s not the perfect solution, but it will be much better than taking a payday loan. Those lock you into a vicious cycle with no easy exit.

Bad credit personal loans not only offer more generous terms than payday loans, but they also give you an opportunity to improve your credit. By making all your payments on time, you’ll be adding a good credit rating to your credit report, which will boost your credit score.

If you still don’t like these sorts of loans, consider asking a co-signer to help you get a personal loan with better interest rates and lower fees. Your co-signer would be responsible if you didn’t repay the loan.

For borrowers who aren’t facing an emergency, check out my credit building tips throughout this site. By improving your credit and meeting the minimum credit score mainstream lenders require you can borrow at the best rates and lowest fees.

If you’d like to get more information, or you’d like to apply for a loan, check out the website.