Is Fresh Prep Worth Choosing in 2021-Local Meal Package Delivery Service

Fresh Prep is a Vancouver-based meal kit delivery company that focuses on using the best ingredients from local producers. They have a huge variety of options where to choose from every week and deliver on Sundays (here in Victoria), right to your door!
Available in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and Kelowna.

We are busy people with full-time jobs, side projects, school and more going on, and of course, we really enjoy going out to eat A LOT!
We find too many obstacles when it comes to cooking at home. Planning meals, finding the time to do grocery shopping, looking for the best local ingredients, and cook them when we are already hungry. I find myself spending a lot of time looking for recipes to make our meals more appealing, but always find it easier to grab a quick bite somewhere else. This is a problem we needed to change because we believe in healthy eating, nourishing our bodies, using local and high quality ingredients.
With Fresh Prep you can just click and cook! They help us with the most precious and most valuable thing we have, time. It helps us cook delicious dinners without having to do any shopping and planning beforehand.

How Fresh Prep works
Freshly prepared for review
Fresh Prep believes that cooking should be fun. And, we all like the part that we eat, so why is there any difference when signing up for a package service? The brand’s service is very simple and starts when you create an account.
In the process, you will tell Fresh Prep your likes and dislikes, where you live, your hopes and dreams… all the good things except the last part-but then again, they seem to be the kind that will be completely I heard you say.
You can also let them know your dietary preferences, such as whether you prefer a vegan diet, try a gluten-free diet, or are interested in chicken.
From there, they will make a plan for you and you can continue to start picking food. For the next month, you can get 10 meals a week, and you can add as many foods as you want.
After choosing a meal, you can add side dishes, simple breakfast food or juice to make your day easier.
Need to skip a week? no problem. pause? Of course. What should I do if I cancel it? Yes, as we said, Fresh Prep is a friendly service, just to make you and your stomach happy.
Your prepared meals are sorted, sorted, and shipped out in an insulated freezer bag, which contains everything you need to make recipes and easy-to-follow recipe cards.

Here are the main reasons why we love Fresh Prep:

1. They have the tastiest recipes!
Yes it’s true! Fresh Prep have really good recipes which are designed by local chefs and nutritionists using seasonal ingredients. Plus, they are not that hard to make, easy to follow and quick! They come in recipe cards with photos of the finished product.
They have been adding more cultural, innovative and dietary-restriction dishes to their menu, which we’ve been really enjoying! We’ve had Korean, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food, and have ordered meatless dishes also.
2. They prioritize in using local ingredients
We really like that they’re keen to partner with local producers so we can have high quality meals, which is important for the environment and the taste.
They prioritize local farmers who specialize in seasonal, all-natural produce, as well as local small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their meat is free from unnecessary antibiotics and hormones, eggs are free-range and seafood is sustainably sourced.
3. Convenient
Delivered to your door in a cooler bag with all the ingredients you’ll need, pre-portioned, pre-chopped, what else can we ask for?
4. We get to try new things
We try to choose Fresh Prep meals that we won’t regularly cook for ourselves, a little more sophisticated than what we would have at home. These meals come with recipe cards that guide us through the cooking process from start to finish. This have really helped me and my partner develop our kitchen skills!
Since we started using Fresh Prep, I noticed that I now enjoy cooking our meals. I used to see cooking as another job. Now, I feel like I get to enjoy the moment when I am cooking.
5. They have tons of add-ons!
One of our favourite thing about Fresh Prep is that they offer a unique selection of add-on options. They offer a variety of meats: chicken, tuna, shrimp, salmon, beef, etc. I really like this feature because you already know the quality of their meats, plus it’s delivered in your cooler.
They offer delicious soups, salads, fresh pasta, sauces, cold-press juices and even baked goods! We’ve tried their tomato and basil soup and it is delicious! They partner with BC small bakeries and more! They also offer kids meals which are a good size, tasty and good priced.
6. Option to skip or cancel anytime
We’ve found that some meal kit delivery services make it almost impossible for the client to unsubscribe from their services!
Not with Fresh Prep. You can pause your subscription if you don’t feel like using it the next week or are travelling, skip some of the weeks and even cancel anytime! And it is very easy to do so.
7. Adapted to your dietary preferences
Your weekly menu will be tailored according to your dietary preferences. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and more options.
8. Cost-Effective
In cost comparisons, shopping at grocery stores can be significantly more expensive simply because Fresh Prep gives you everything in the exact portion you need it in – no more paying for more than needed! And, equally important, you don’t contribute to the massive food waste problem in our society.

Is fresh preparation worth it?
Fresh Prep provides a rotating menu of 10 items every week. Although this has fewer options than some other meal preparation services, it includes some good dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, different meats, and usually fish dishes.
Like many others, we really like the fact that Fresh Prep delivers by ourselves, which solves one of the main problems customers encounter when ordering meal packs.
Based on customer feedback, package prices, and overall excellent quality, this Fresh Prep review believes that the service is worth buying.

What is the price of Fresh Prep?
Fresh Prep prices vary based on the number of meals you order each week. The more you order, the more you save. On average, the cost of each dish is 10 to 12 dollars, which includes shipping and taxes.
What is a returnable product?
Fresh Prep is a certified B company, which means it takes sustainability very seriously. The brand noticed that although there are a large number of different meal preparation services, they all have one flaw-waste.
Fresh Prep provides reusable materials for your weekly meals, such as cold storage bags, plastic packaging, and everything in the zero waste kit. Not everything it sends to you can be returned, but some can.
For a list of all items that can be returned, please refer to the following list:
Refrigerated bag
Soft plastic (washed)
Prepare salads and other packaging fresh (be sure to rinse these)
Zero waste kit-all cups and lids (rinsed)

How to use Fresh Prep?
Sign up at
Pick your recipes and delivery dates
Use This Link to get 3 meals for free
Get your weekly box delivered
Cook delicious meals at your convenience
Order again, skip or cancel anytime!