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What is the Disney Movie Club?
I should probably be ahead on this one. In short, if you’re not familiar, Disney Movie Club (hereafter referred to as DMC) is a subscription service. Once you sign up, you typically get 4 movies for $1, lock yourself into a 2-year contract for another 6 movies for $19.95 each (plus shipping + handling), and then you can “cancel anytime”.
If you were a teenager in the ’90s, you probably remember the Columbia House CD subscription service, where you could get a bunch of sweet albums for free, but then had to buy another 10 or so for triple the retail price. These were great before your mom came in, wondering why she owed $32.99 for a copy of the Bjork CD, your crush told you it was great, but it wasn’t.
Regardless, DMC is the same kind of deal without Bjork. You can get a few movies “for free” up front and then have to buy another specific amount. Not terrible if you love Disney and have holes in your movie collection.
Just kidding; even in the above case, the situation sucks and here’s why!
Your Disney Movie Club commitment requires monthly sign-ins
Each month you will receive an email with the following month’s “Featured Headlines”. It’s not entirely unexpected — it’s part of the whole deal. My question is based on a few key points:
1. You must reply within about 2 weeks of receiving the mail, indicating if you want the item. If you don’t, you’re locked into buying anything that month. That’s why we now have multiple copies of Airplane in at least 3 mediums (it’s not even a good movie!!)
2. These choices, if you didn’t spot it from the bullet above, are sometimes lesser-known films, or films that may not have gotten mainstream cinematic exposure or success. We have Beauty and the Beast Christmas or whatever it’s called for that, with super phone animation and the dubs of a bunch of people who I think run a copy office at Disney as their main gig.
3. Even after your two-year commitment is over, you still have to remember to cancel completely or reply to their emails every time. single. moon. Otherwise (you guessed it!) you’ll be charged for the movie for the month, regardless of whether you’ve met your purchase requirements.
The only time we were pleasantly surprised was when we got an email from Doctor Strange. Must be confused, but still pleasantly surprised. You can fulfill your obligations by choosing any four movies you want, but the monthly selection is still a thing, and if you forget, that’s how you end up with Aladdin 4: Aladdin Paying Taxes.

Is Disney Movie Club worth it?
Now is the time to answer the most important question, is Disney Movie Club worth it?
As mentioned above, it will depend on how big a Disney fan you are.
If you do the math, four free DVDs for $1, plus five DVDs for $19.95 each, plus shipping and handling add up to over $100. Depending on the title of the book you buy, chances are you’ll get the same or better deal on sites like Amazon or eBay.

For example, a Disney classic like Cinderella, whether you buy it through Disney Club or on Amazon, will cost you $19.95. What’s more, it’s currently available at Disney Club, but not on Amazon. However, if I wanted to buy a less popular movie, like Goofy, I could choose to pay $19.95 through Disney Movie Club, or $4.99 through Amazon, with free shipping.

That doesn’t even take into account whether you’ll be happy with a DVD you’ve used or seen before.